Friday, July 23, 2010

Interestingly enough my food intake was really good yesterday; despite my concerns about my caloric intake before noon.  I’m not sure what was up with that but I ended with a total of 1480 for the day. Very, very excited about that!  According to I burned approximately 450 calories in fitness activity yesterday. 

Today’s workout was awesome in some ways but painful in others.  My legs are still a little sore from Wednesday’s leg work & run so my intervals on the treadmill were painful.  Not painful in a terrible way but enough so that I only did 20 minutes.  I increased my weights on all of my lifts today.  I’m so excited about that! 

6x6 today

Incline db press: 30 lbs

Flat bench bb press: 75 (3)/80 (3)

Flyes: 25 lbs

DB curls: 20 (3)/15 (3)

BB skull crushers:  35 lb (1)/40 (5)


Did I post that I ordered a FitBit that will be delivered in mid-August?  I’m looking forward to playing with a new toy.


I am getting my bikini line waxed tomorrow; have been growing it out for nearly 3 weeks.  Not only am I braving getting it done, I’m going to the cosmetology school to save money.  I expect it to be an extremely painful experience.  I’ll let you know how it goes. 


It’s going to be 100+ degrees here tomorrow with extreme humidity.  They are saying it will feel like 110 degrees.  Ugh.  I don’t plan on moving from the pool all day.  I will probably do some intervals on the fishing pole.  I want to build up my swimming endurance a little.

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Laura said...

If it's just a regular bikini wax it won't be bad. Most of the skin can be pulled pretty taut and that helps a lot. Brazilians are mostly bad because they involve removing hair from the labia, which absolutely cannot be pulled taut. Also there are way more nerve endings in that area, which in most respects is a Good Thing but when you're getting waxed not so much. Regular bikini waxes pretty much stay on the periphery where the skin is not nearly as sensitive. Honestly, but for the embarrassment factor I don't think it's really much more painful than eyebrow waxing. I actually think it's a little less worse than armpit waxing if you've ever had that done.

Keep cool this weekend. I can't even imagine those temperatures--it's in the low 60s and overcast here in SF!

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