Wednesday, July 7, 2010

strong like bull!

I walked the length of a football field + with a full box of paper!  Ten reams!  The boys were all, “let me get that for you, Mrs. Laks.”  Thank you, no, I got this!  Talk about your functional workout!  I did it.  I wanted to do it.  Not to prove a point to anyone except me.  I’m never doing it again.  lol


Today was leg day.  I want to be able to walk for my interview tomorrow and since my legs are still really sore from all of the BodyRock stuff I’ve been doing, I went light. 


Squats: 80 lbs

Walking lunges: 20/15

Dead lifts: 65/55/45

Step-ups: 15/10/5


Leanne & Ernie were at the McGuire gym today so when she finished her workout we went for a walk—30 minutes at a brisk pace.  I’m ready to do another crazy workout tomorrow.  lol


I printed my resume on pretty paper today.  I’ve got good references.  Hopefully having my old group commander on the list helps.  I’m going to wear my new black & white dress.  I’ve gone back & read the job description again.  I’ve gone back & read through the “knowledge skills assessment” questions again.  I’m ready.  Bring it on, baby!


I’m going to log my meals so that I can be held accountable….I think I blew whatever good I did during the day yesterday with peanut butter & olives (not at the same time--gross) last night


Before workout

Myoplex Carb AdvantEdge shake (11 oz)


Workout—32 oz of water


After workout

½ c dry oats

1 c (not quite filled measuring cup) Fage 0

½ c mixed berries



Huge bowl mixed greens

3 oz chicken breast

½ lg tomato

Some shredded carrots

2 tbs olive oil vinegarette


Another 20 oz water



1 c broccoli

3 oz shrimp


On the way home

1 c red grapes


I’ll post dinner & whatever else I eat (though I should not) tomorrow. 


stacey said...

lol!@peanut butter and olives together. That sounds like something I would have eaten when I was pregnant.

Way to go on the strong like bullness!

You will rock that interview!

Wennndy said...

yes, wtg on strong like a bull! :)

and yeah, the interview will be rocked!!!

Doin the Math said...

Peanut butter stuffed olives. Hmmmm... ;)

LOL @ never doing it again. But you did it! :)

That job is yours! Go get it!!

Doin the Math said...

BTW, my last word verification was rumscru. That sounds like fun. LMAO!

Deb said...

Do I still have word verification turn on? WTH?? That's got to go.

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