Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Moving faster than lightning

I’ve never seen civilian personnel move this quickly but I do know that there are 50 positions open.  I have an interview with the hiring authority on Thursday at 1000.  I’ll be taking an early lunch.  That’s one of the perks of being able to interview right down the street.


Guess I got my hair cut & colored just in time!  Lol


I got my fat, lazy ass out of bed & got to the gym this morning.  I did a set of heavy back & shoulders today followed by another crazy BodyRock workout.


BB Rows: 65/75/70

Pull downs: 85/75

Lat sweeps: 30

DB overhead press: 15/20/15

Side raise: 10/15/10


I did the following in 15 minutes:


50 high knees

25 star crunches

50 low jacks

25 side planks (25 each side)

50 plyo lunges

25 hanging knee raises



I finished up with a nice stretch.  Tomorrow is leg day.  I think I’ll do a steady state cardio rather than try to kill my legs!  lol


I have started back on my diet as of this morning.  I just couldn’t be “good” this weekend & decided to eat picnic food.  I’ve got my meals planned for the entire week to include the weekend.  I will have 1 reward meal a week but ONLY 1.  No more splurging on weekends. 


The scale tipped it’s ugly self at 159 this morning.  A result of Italian sausage, hard rolls, potato salad, ice cream, corn on the cob, burgers on white rolls, baked beans, and French toast and bacon (okay so that’s not a picnic food but whatever).


Time to get it under control.  I’m actually excited about this round.  I am looking at this as my last chance.  



Wennndy said...

It's a weird time of year for all this personnel change -- isn't springtime PCS time? Then again, I guess maybe the change might be facilitated by AFTER the PCS change? I dunno. Weird.

Great workout!

(and early best wishes for a successful interview in every regard!)

Deb said...

Actually for officers summer is PCS (permanent change of station for those non-military types). I have had to go to 6 change of commands in the last month.

Its a weird time for contracting. While rumor has it the DoD wants to get away from contracting and return to the GS system (they just repealed the NSPS law) contracting is the field to get into right now. There are jobs EVERYWHERE. That's why I'm so hot to get into it.

Not only will this open doors throughout the DoD, it will also give me training in areas that could take me back to corporate America if I needed to go that route.

McGuire has 10 positions open for people like me--already in the system, higher education but no experience, 50 positions for people that have education but no experience, & not in the system.

stacey said...

Good luck at the interview!

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