Thursday, July 1, 2010

Smarmy man

He’s getting bold…On Monday he came to the office & when I told him that I was alone he told me that he had made a trip over to say good morning.  SHUDDER! 


On Tuesday I was wearing a red dress.  He came into the office, asked me how I am, to which I responded, “Fabulous.”  That is my canned answer.  I am always fabulous.  He said, “Great, and look at you in that fabulous red dress.” 


After he left the DO & I had a conversation (my boss was behind closed doors) about the smarmy-ness of this guy.  The DO noted the inappropriateness of the dress comment—not what he said but how he said it.  I was glad the DO heard the tone that I heard.


Yesterday my boss asked me if he wanted him to speak to smarmy man about his inappropriateness.  I told him that no, I would give Smarmy man the talk myself first.  If the behavior continues I will ask for the boss’ assistance.  My boss liked the approach.


This morning sitting here in my office, my boss was behind the wall behind my desk getting his coffee, Smarmy man walked in and said, “Oh there’s my little ray of sunsine!  How are you today?”  To which my boss called out from behind the wall, “I’m great, how are you?”  Smarmy man laughed & went over to my boss , put his arm around him & sort of slapped him on the back as though he thought my boss supported his inappropriateness.  I could see that my boss was not happy with this exchange.


I thanked my boss for getting my back.  He said, “yeah, I’m good that way.”  I’m so glad he witnessed the inappropriateness of this dude. 




Doin the Math said...

I need a shower now, on your behalf! EEEEuuuuuuu. I'm glad you have your bosses support. I'm sorry you have smarmy man at all. :(

stacey said...

Ugh. I hope someone gives him a clue very quickly so you don't have to deal with this.

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