Wednesday, June 30, 2010

here's my plan

I have been in re-feed/recovery mode for about 3 weeks now.  I’ve maintained at 155.  I’m not happy with that number at all & am beginning to feel that while I still look okay, I’m beginning to look soft.  That is not good.


It has been my plan to do the LEP when it is launched but as previously discussed I don’t want to spend that kind of money.  Sandi, thank you for your most recent input – they are not advertising it as you describe & that pisses me off.  It feels a little bait & switch to me. 


I’m not going to join Tom Venuto at the moment, either.  Just don’t think I need him.


I am going to be back on the Wendy nutrition plan from way back.  I’m going to hit it for 31 days.  I would like to see 5 lbs gone.  After 31 days I will revisit & re-attack where necessary.


For workouts I am going to do the month of January.  Heavy.  I’m going to do Zuzana’s workouts (her facebook fan page does have a link to a porn site—needless to say I’m not a fan) a minimum of 3 days with 2 days of 30 to 45 minutes of steady state. 


I went to the commissary yesterday and bought all new bottles of salad dressings.  I am going to do chopped salads a couple of times a week with lots of protein on top.  I love a taco salad, cobb salad, chicken Caesar salad (I’ll substitute real dressings).  I’m going to make some WW cabbage soup and add chicken or shrimp. 


I’m refreshed & ready to get this party started. 


Doin the Math said...

OK, not trying to talk you into it...just clarifying...there is still one-on-one interaction with your coach on the LEP. And there is a members-only forum also. It's just the daily lessons that come out as incomming messages from the Big Giant Head.

Having said that, I think the plan you have laid out here is a good one, and you'll do great!

I hadn't seen Zuzanna's Facebook site, but I did stuble across her porn site while looking up bodyrock stuff once. Heh. She's multitalented? lol

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a plan! I don't think you should feel pressured to join LEP or Tom Venuto or anything else at the moment. I think you know what to do and it's just a matter of buckling down here. You've done it before so there is no reason not to do it again!

I looked up Zuzanna's porn site, mostly because I'm a nosey old git. She has a rockin' body so I'm sure she's very popular. Stacey said it's really soft core as a member, lots of spanking the clam and such (which still cracks me up). I don't ask how she knows this. hehe. I will say that I sometimes visit in return. :))) I used to be very anti-porn because my ex had a real problem, but these days I can take it or leave it....

Anyway, that went totally off topic, sorry! Mostly I wanted to just rah-rah-rah our girl on!

PS: Text me about meeting up!

Doin the Math said...


googling spanking the clam....

Hee hee

stacey said...

Lol! I am not a member! I can't remember now what I saw that made me think it was all soft core or where I saw it. Sheesh. There was a time when I remembered everything having to do with sex.

Deb, you will kick ass on your new plan!

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