Monday, July 5, 2010

550 Reps

Okay so not of the same exercise but 50 (25 each side) reps, 11 different exercises for time (23 minutes 31 seconds):

50 back lunges with front kick
50 walking push-ups; I managed 15 walking (more to explain on this below)
50 mountain climbers
50 sumo squats with side kick (staying low)
50 bridge with leg lift (bridge position lifting 1 leg straight out to ceiling)
50 side lunges with front kick
50 1-arm push-ups (I can't do 1 arm push-ups to save my life so I did staggered with the same explanation below)
50 star crunches (basically a v-up but putting the hands between the legs)
50 wood choppers
50 side plank, hip raises
50 wall squats with front leg raise

The push-ups are killer I did some on my knees & broke them up between the other exercises because my shoulders & lats just couldn't take it. I did finish all 100 & did about 50 on my knees.

I have a headache now! lol It's probably the heat. The basement is cooler but it's still hot as blazes outside. I didn't sleep well last night so that probably contributed to the way I feel, too.

I am going back to the gym tomorrow. I hope to sleep tonight!

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Wennndy said...

Great job! Looks tough.

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