Sunday, July 11, 2010

heat=water retention

Despite drinking 3/4 of a gallon of water (yes, measured) I am retaining a ton of water. My fingers are like sausages. My ankles have turned to kankles. I weigh 161 lbs today. It's gross.

Do I drink more water? Less? I'm freaking pissed because I know that I have not gained weight but can't measure losses with this type of water retention.



Wennndy said...

Just let it go. When it cools off a little, you will pee like crazy and voila! you will be lighter.

You could always take a Pamprin or drink dandelion tea, which is a diuretic. But I'd just drink water and wait it out. It's tough but healthier.

I feel the same way, fwiw. It's not a cool way to feel, no pun intended.

stacey said...

Water retention sucks! Gross is exactly how it feels. I hope it goes away for you soon.

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