Monday, July 12, 2010


Generally speaking I take pretty good care of my feet. I pumice, ped egg, moisturize, wash, pedi, etc...

For about 6 months or longer I've had a tiny little spot on my foot that feels like a needle when I step on it. I thought it might be a plantar wart & tried Dr. Scholl's Clear Away for about 6 weeks to no avail. I tried having it frozen by my primary care doc with no results. He referred me to a podiatrist.

I don't know about you but when I think "podiatrist" I think old bent over doc with big ugly glasses & hair coming out of his ears. I do not think tall, dark, Italian HOTTY! That's who Dr. Fiori is. HOLY SHIT!

When he walked down the hall I thought he would be the nurse. When I found out that it was he who would be looking at me feet I wanted to cry. I don't like my feet. I think my feet are U.G.L.Y. This guy is just to pretty to be a podiatrist.


Anyway, he says it is probably a wart & shaved it down & put prescription strength salysillic (spelling that I could look up but won't) acid on it. Gave me a sheet of it & told me to come back in 3 weeks.

Because I can use my sick days (I have 5 weeks in my bank) for doctor appointments I took the entire day off.

I'm still extremely swollen this morning. I was up peeing all night long so I had hoped that some of it would be gone...Nope. It is not cool to feel this way for far too many reasons to list here but the most awful is the way my clothes fit. Tight, tight, tight. My knees ache. It's yucky.

This morning I'm doing Zuzanna's O Face (where does she come up with these names?). I'll post my time when I'm done.

Back...It took me 18 minutes & 37 minutes. I could not do the hanging leg lifts the way she did. I did a modified version. I also did not do the 1 leg burpees with the reptile leg. I did 30 1 leg burpess & then did 30 reptiles. Those butt clinches at the end are actually pretty brutal. My hammies are barking! Yeah but butt exercises.


Anonymous said...

Hey, did you know your blog is no longer private? Just thought I'd mention it in case that was accidental.

Anonymous said...

PS: I'm pretty sure the workout names are derived from her other business pursuits. LMAO!

I like the look of her workouts but the soft porn pics really work my last nerve sometimes.

stacey said...

Your description of Dr. Hottie made me laugh out loud.

Rose said...

Well, at least Dr. Hottie is a doctor and not, well, like Father What-a-waste at my parents' church. LOL.

Doin the Math said...

I can't believe you denied us a cell phone pic of Dr Fiori!

Have you ever seen the movie, "Office Space"? It's a cult classic now. Hilarious. There is a very short segment in there that talks about the O face, that is FUNNY.

Deb said...

Well, okay, so let me just say that I thought, O face as in OH SHIT, not O Face as in The Big O. Dang. Gotta remember who my audience is next time I think about something like this.

Isn't it a sin to be a Hot priest? I think it should be.

Sandi, I should have just slipped the iPhone out & snap a shot while he had my feet in the air. lol I did think that the table he used to get my feet up in the air would be really good for sex! lol

Doin the Math said...

Ha! And the thought of your foot up in the air next to his face made me think of Office Space too! rofl.

Do you have a follow up soon???? ;)

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