Saturday, July 17, 2010

Erin & Greg

They seem to be doing really well. I have to give him credit...He actually has tried with the cat thing. They have been keeping the cat locked in the laundry room (which is larger than it would sound) with the litter box when no one is home and during the night when they are sleeping. Greg got home before Erin on Wednesday night & let the cat out of the room to keep him company.

Other than that she says he treats her like a princess--makes sure they have at least one date night. He doesn't keep her from staying here when she works late. He sends her silly text messages. Last night he sent a picture of himself looking pitiful because he was home alone & she was here with us.

He supports her both emotionally & financially. She only pays the cable bill & about $100/month for groceries. She pays her car payment, etc, & that's it.

It's hard to say more than that because they just at an hour away & he works his ass off with his very physically demanding job so we never see him.

I'm still apprehensive about the relationship.

By request..I made the blog private again.

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Doin the Math said...

Well, good, that sounds better! :)

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