Friday, July 16, 2010


I don’t remember if I told you that Erin had adopted a cat about 2 weeks ago.  He is a GORGEOUS Bengal (no papers).  She had him for about 3 days & he peed on their brand new couch.  Greg told her 3 strikes & he’s got to go.  I don’t blame him at all.  I have never had good luck with cats & can’t stand the smell.  I love other peoples’ cats  from afar. 


Earlier in the week he did it again.  Greg asked her to call Jayme & ask about this…He is a couch peer.  Damn.  Erin asked Jayme if she wanted Erin to find a home or if Jayme wanted to try to find someone else to take him.  Jayme said she would take him back.  The tentatively arranged for Sunday & Jayme said she would let Erin know what time on Wednesday night.  Jayme didn’t call.  Last night she didn’t answer the phone when Erin called.


Last night Greg was alone with the cat & said the cat looked right at him & started to pee on the couch.  UGH


I remembered that my sister-in-law is cat people.  I told Erin to call her & see if they want him.  Erin doesn’t want him to go to a shelter but if they don’t find a home for him that is what is going to happen.  Hopefully my SIL will take him.


This morning was chest & arms day. 


Incline db press: 25 lbs 4x10

BB press: 70 lbs 3x10, 1x9 just couldn’t get that last press up without a spotter

Flyes: 20 lbs 4x10

DB curls 20 lbs 1x10, 15 lbs 3x10

BB skullcrushers  35 lbs 4x10


I followed up with a workout—


50 High knees

25 V-Ups (she does a reach through I passed on that)

50 low jacks

25 (each side) plank side lifts

50 plyo lunges



That took me about 15 minutes.  I did 15 minutes steady state on the arc trainer & finished with a hamstring stretch (all different hamstring stretches).  I still have DOMS from Wednesday’s leg work.  It’s not bad but I know I worked my legs & I LIKE that!


I’m at 157 today.  It’s down from Monday & for that I’m glad.  I’m 100% on.  It’s been really easy this week.  I think knowing I’ve only got a few weeks to deal is making it easy.  I’m prepared to be on for the weekend with a reward meal on Sunday;  Italian sausage with peppers & onions on the grill.  YUM!


Below I have posted is what I have been trying to email to the blog & have finally gotten the correct address from the site…Every time I change computers I lose all of my autofill stuff.  




Today was cardio day.  I took one of Cathy Savage's cardio drills & modified it a bit.  I did 5 intervals of 7 minutes on the elliptical with 4 sets of 20 lateral lunge w/floor touch, 20 planks with shoulder touch, & 10 plank jacks. I finished up with a really good stretch. 


My legs are really tight from yesterday's workout.  There was no way I was going to attempt to do a BodyRock workout.  I did consider it.  Maybe tomorrow. 


I had a really good talk with my boss today.  I had to go back to my office to get some things taken care of for him & pick up things that I can do over here because yesterday I sat & did nothing all day (hmmm, just like over there).  While there he asked me what the General's asst does.  When I told him that as far as I can see she doesn't do that much he laughed. 


Then he showed me some things he wants me to learn to do.  Basically I am going to start being his eyes on all projects that flow from his middle management team to him.  It's going to mean living with my head up his ass for a while.  I will be learning the business.  Finally.  I'm excited about my job again...


Until I hear about the other job. 


Here is the post I sent to the wrong address yesterday...




I kicked ass doing legs today. 


Squats: 6x6—95 lbs(4)/105 lbs(2); Need to go higher

Walking lunges: 6x6—25 lbs; need to do farmer’s walks!  My traps need to catch up to the rest of my body.   LOL

Romanian deadlifts: 6x6—Are you ready for this??? 95 lbs!!!! Yeah baby!!!!!

Step-ups: 6x6—20 lbs (4)/25 lbs (2)


I did 30 minutes on the cross-trainer. 


My eating was spot on yesterday. 


Today I am sitting in for General Devereaux’s administrative assistant. It is even more boring over here than it is over in my regular office.  You would think not but it is.  However, The General is out of the office this week so that might have something to do with it.  Don’t know. 



Anonymous said...

1. I am a paranoid git and your blog isn't private, so can I suggest you abbreviate the general's name to initials??? :)

2. Great job on the workouts!!

3. For the cat, they are always going to pee in the same spot unless you use enzymatic cleaner. Nature's Miracle for cats (it has to say "for cats") is the best I've found. I hope she hasn't used anything else yet because that makes it more difficult.

4. Before they take the cat to a shelter, has she considered confining him to a particular room or area of the house with a litter box? You have to re-train the cat to use the litter box and that only happens in a confined environment. Also, she should take him to the vet to rule out physical problems. If the cat has a UTI, it will associate peeing with pain and the pain with the litterbox - that's usually why they find a different spot.

Good luck! I hope she doesn't take him to a shelter. With that problem, he will be put down for sure. :(

stacey said...

It's probably just stressed out from the move. Feliway would probably help.

Wennndy said...

Great job on the workouts! 35 lb skullcrushers .... awesome!

Yes, privatize this puppy. :) I know that isn't the proper word usage, but make it private. :)

Laura said...

I say Erin should keep kitty and get rid of Greg :) If that's not do-able, I would take kitty in a heartbeat since evidently I don't have a problem with cats that think outside the box, so to speak. The couch is one of the few pieces of furniture we own that our Dino doesn't pee on, so it only seems proper that if we get another cat he should be a couch pee-er.

In all seriousness, Feliway and confinement to a single room for retraining can only do so much, as we've found to be the case with Dino. Some cats simply have issues, maybe due to trauma or maybe from birth. We don't know that much about mental illness in people, and God knows we don't know much about mental illness in animals, but it definitely exists as do all sorts of other deficits. Cats with problems can make wonderful pets, but they definitely are not to everyone's taste! Most of my family think I'm crazy for keeping Dino, and maybe I am. Crazy like a fox, that is, because I can count on him to pee in their luggage if they make the ill-advised decision to stay with us instead of getting a hotel :)

Laura said...

PS Great job on the workouts!!!! You're killing them :)

Doin the Math said...

Besides the kitty, how are Erin and Greg doing?

Wennndy said...

Yes, what Sandi asked. :)

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