Friday, June 4, 2010

heres me is

LOL Marie had posted something about us needing to check her blog more often so I went in last night & commented that I was checking but that she hadn’t updated. She must have gotten my message because she sent me a comment asking where I am. “Heres me is,” is how Erin used to tell us where she was when she was little.

Anyway, I took the week off from the gym but not from working out completely. I did 100 squats & 5 pull ups every day. I also did a minimum of 10 minutes of those workouts on Tuesday & Wednesday. THEY FUCKING ROCK! I’ll do one tonight—I will post what I’m going to do at the bottom of this post.

I have not totally bothered with my diet this week. I mean, my lunches were already packed but dinner has been on the fly because I’ve been SOOOO freaking busy every night. Tuesday I stopped at Target for an umbrella & sports bra (I love Champion’s bras; cheap & supportive); Wednesday I went to Costco; Thursday Roxi got her stitches out. Tonight I get to go back to Target because I got the umbrella home to find that it does not open. Should have tested it at the store.

I posted on facebook that John & I spent an hour installing a new ceiling fan only to have the chain break. Fortunately the chain wasn’t broken, broken; it was where the chain was held together with an extension. Simple fix. Unfortunately the motor broke. We are without a ceiling fan in the living room. The company is sending us a new motor when they are in stock. WHAT??? Are you kidding me? UGH!

I’m hoping to get the majority of my housework done for the weekend tonight. With just John & I at home I only have 2 loads of laundry this week—no towels from the gym or my gym stuff otherwise it would be 4. Yay! I am going to throw the pool rover into the pool when I get home. We have to go to the pool store to see about ordering a stainless steel trap for the filter. We have already had 2 break under stress from the leaves this year. The plastic ones are $10/each. The pool guy told us we can order a SS one for about $50. With the rate that we go through them we’ve got to save money somewhere.

Other than that I should be able to just chill the rest of the weekend. YAY! Hope you all have a good one.

Here's the workout I'm getting ready to do. I'll post my time later.

Part 1: do this twice through

1. Elbow Plank (10 second interval)

2. Reptile (30 second interval – complete maximum reps)

3. Elbow Plank (10 second interval)

4. Mountain Climber (30 second interval – complete maximum reps)

5. Elbow Plank (10 second interval)

6. Knee Tucks (30 second interval – complete maximum reps)

The second part of this workout is a time challenge that is going to really boost your metabolism and your goal is to complete these two exercises as fast as you can.

1. Monkey Push Up and Jump – 25 reps

2. Squat and Twist Jump – 25 reps

Repeat both parts of the workout one more time.

ETA: Okey dokey...I need to change my attack on my challenges...I said I would do 150 chin-ups in 30 days. That averages out to be 5 a day. I've been doing it. The 3000 squats in 30 day challenge is going well...BUT

I could not finish the above workout because my arms & legs felt like they were going to fall off. lol

That being said I am going to break my squats & chin-ups up into larger bites throughout the week. I've got to figure out how because I want to finish the challenges strong & not meet my goal but I also don't want to burn out & holy crap, I could if I try doing it the by tackling small bites every day.

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We are also opening our pool this weekend. LOVE the pool, hate the pain it takes to get it up and running! Mike just went to the pool store for a new light, new gauge, and some other things.

Enjoy the weekend!

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