Monday, June 7, 2010

bad vibrations

I’ve tried to remain positive about Greg but have started having bad vibes.  I do not like this at all.  There have been a couple of things but really only 1 stupid thing that I can put my finger on.


He has told Erin that he loves dogs.  However I have seen facial expressions that lead me to believe he’s full of shit.  My mother has a little, yappy, dog.  We were there for Mother’s Day & Erin picked Chanel up to give Greg kisses.  Greg backed off from her.  I laughed at him & said, “oh, don’t you like Chanel?  She’s just a baby!” 


A few nights later he was at the house with Roxi & Romeo.  He just didn’t seem…comfortable. 


When John & I went to their house we took Roxi & Romeo because it was right after she had her surgery & I didn’t want to leave her alone.  I had checked with Erin before bringing them—I told her we wanted to see the house but I didn’t want to leave Roxi just yet.  She checked with Greg & he said it was absolutely okay that we bring them.  He was NOT okay with them being there.  I couldn’t stand to be there because he was so stressed.


On Thursday Erin came home to pick up more stuff.  She told me that she needed to talk some sense into him if they are going to get a dog.  I blurted, “he doesn’t like dogs & he’s lying to you about liking dogs.”  It just came out.  But I was right.  She said that they had a friend of his come over with a puppy & Greg would not let this guy put the dog down.  She told me that he was completely freaked out about the dog being in the house. 


I told her that I was concerned about this.  If he is lying to her about liking dogs & clearly he is & that is such a stupid little thing to lie about; what else is he lying about.  And why bother lying about it.  I mean really; why lie about that? 


Erin & my mother are recovering an overstuffed chair for their sun room.  Erin has been going over on Saturday mornings & working 3 or 4 hours with Mom to do this chair. 


Mom called yesterday & asked me something about Greg.  I don’t remember what it was but we ended up talking about Erin & this dog thing.  My mother said that Erin expressed some concerns about other things while she was at Mom’s on Saturday.  Mom said that she thinks Erin wants to come home. 


I’m so worried about her. 


Here’s the woo woo part…And I hate the woo woo part of this.


My mother has always had a 6th sense about people.  She has been able to tell when people are not what they appear to be – even before speaking with them.  For example we had a boss that my first impression of was that he was going to be a really great guy to work for.  She had not met him yet.  On the day that she was supposed to meet him we were waiting to talk to him & she suddenly became very agitated & told me that she could not speak to him that he was scaring her.  I laughed at her & told her she was full of shit.


A few months after that day he had me alone in a conference room & was verbally berating me for something I wasn’t even involved in.  When I tried to explain this to him he became more abusive to the point that I had to threaten him with going to the military equal opportunity office to file a complaint regarding his behavior.  I refused to ever be in an office alone with him again. 


When Erin started talking about moving in with Greg my mother told me that she had been having dreams that Greg hurt Erin very badly.  Initially I blew it off but she kept on.  I finally had to tell her that I could not talk to her about it anymore because she was freaking me out. 


I am so worried about Erin now.  She needs to JUST COME THE FUCK HOME!!!


Okay so workout…


I did workout 1 of John Berardi’s Women’s Body Transformation.  I followed it up with 4 minutes of straight jumps from a squat in 30/10 intervals & then 30 minutes on the elliptical.


Tomorrow is a functional day.  I think I’ll break out the special one we did when Sandi & I went to Maine.  Followed by a few minutes on the Arc trainer.


I’m taking some time off from dieting.  I’m not even being careful about what I eat.  There are foods that I am eating that would make your heads spin.  I’m enjoying it.  Mostly.  I cannot eat white hard rolls.  I love the way they taste & their texture but they make me crave carbs something fierce.  I have to stay away from them!


I’m going to take one more week off & then I’m going to start following Berardi’s 10 tips for success so that I’m ready for the Lean Eating Program in July.  I’ll be starting a new blog specifically for that.  I’ll keep this one for the secret squirrel stuff but the new one will be strictly workout stuff. 




Doin the Math said...

Wow. Just wow. The dog thing is weird. Even though I look at my dog hair infested house and "understand", I don't really understand people who get dogs and don't let them come in the house. I think that's sad. Sounds like he definitely has a dog/house issue. I don't let my dogs kiss me, because they can't resist the cat's litter box for snacking. {shudder}

I sure hope things work out for Erin!


Anonymous said...

That's very weird. My first thought is, I never trust people who don't like animals, but then Mike doesn't really like animals, so that's a wash. However, he has always been perfectly up-front about it and tolerates them (secretly likes Leo way more than he lets on, though) because I had them before he was in the picture. I mentioned this to him and he also thought it was weird that the guy didn't just cop to the fact that he doesn't want a dog in his house - some people just don't. Which is fine, I guess, but it does make you wonder what else he is pretending about in order to keep Erin interested and in the picture.

She's not in financially, right?

((hugs)) I am sure it will work out fine. She's a smart girl (takes after mom). xox

Deb said...

No, thank God, she's not in financially. John & I have agreed that the first sign of trouble, we're rented a uhaul & getting her shit out of there in 1 move. And it would take a truck. LOL He owns the house but she has pretty much furnished it. She's only paying the cable & power bill.

thanks for not thinking I'm just missing her. I do, but not enough to wish she would come home. I've been sitting on this vibe for weeks!!!

stacey said...

The dog thing is weird. I wonder if he really wants to like dogs and can't quite manage to do it. Some people are astonishingly lacking in self awareness. Andrew's dad used to always describe himself as a dog person when it was obvious to everyone else that he was actually a cat person.

Another thing that just popped into my head, is that after Rosie was bitten it took her a while to be okay with dogs again. She grew up with them and always loved them, but it only took being attacked once to change that for a while. And I honestly couldn't have blamed her if it had changed it forever. The back of her thigh has a giant dog mouth imprinted scar on it that will always be there. Maybe he had a bad experience?

I hope it all works out for Erin.

Wennndy said...

Always listen to your gut!

Rose said...

Another who thinks the dog thing is beyond bizarre. I hope Erin confronts him and/or gets the heck out of there soon.

Let's just say that I wish I had paid attention to my dog's behavior around my ex. It would have saved me BOATLOADS of grief and heartache.

PS - I read your post below about FL. Current oil spill issues aside, definitely check out the Gulf side! Tom and I have a similar plan and I am pretty sure we'll wind up somewhere between Tampa and Sarasota/Braedenton.

Kim said...

As a mom, I totally empathize with you. I would want my daughter to come home, too. There is something fundamentally wrong with any person who simply can't say, "I don't care for dogs." Integrity and truthfulness are essential in a relationship. I will "second" what Wendy said also. Trust your gut. Women "know".

Laura said...

Yep, trust your instincts. Even if you can't quite put your finger on what bothers you about Greg, your subconscious is definitely picking up on SOMETHING. And, yeah, the dog thing is weird and makes me wonder what else he's not being honest about.

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