Thursday, June 24, 2010

20 days of sick leave

That's what I have in my bank. It continues to grow every year. I earn 4 hours every 2 weeks. We are allowed to use it for our own illness, medical appointments, funerals, our children's illnesses & medical appointments, our spouse's illnesses & medical appointments. We are allowed to use up to 120 hours for ANY family member's illness (mother, father, brother, sister, grandmother, cousin). Yes, ANY family member.

As you can see by the number of days (equating to 200.5 hours actually) I don't use many. I used 3 weeks when I had my surgery & have used a day here or there for my own medical appts. I have never, ever called in sick.

Today is the end of all of that. I'm taking a couple of mental health days. Yes, a couple. I am not going to work today or tomorrow.

I'm going to clean my pool. I'm getting a pedicure. I'm going to buy a Keurig coffee maker! I'm going to re-work our budget because we've sold the truck & Erin is no longer on our insurance plan (more money to put away). I am going to exercise today!

I'm going to look at my nutrition plan & get ready to start LEP. It's only a few more weeks away. YAY! I'm ready to begin.

On Monday I am going to ask for some time with my boss. I have been looking at my job description & I want to prepose that he start using me in the way it says. I'm going to remind him that when he interviewed me he told me that he wasn't looking for a unit secretary yet that is how he is using me & how others are viewing me. My job description is Office Manager.

See, there is a problem with being a government employee with the military. One has a job description. One's military supervisor is always afraid of using one outside of what the job description says. It occurred to me yesterday that maybe the Scorpion King is afraid of giving me something to do that isn't on my job description.

Fortunately my job description is AWESOME. I mean, really, AWESOME. It says I'm supposed to be doing a lot of personnel stuff that one of his active duty guys is doing. He could be freed up to do other things. It also says that I'm supposed to be responsible for managing the computer supplies & credit card programs. He has active duty people doing those things.

I want to start doing some of that. I don't want to take it all on at once because I don't know ANYTHING about any of those programs but I figure if we start tackling a little at a time...By the time he leaves next year he'll be leaving the next commander with a well rounded OFFICE MANAGER.


Anonymous said...

Yay for mental health days! I think it is very important to use those. Even with my kids, I feel that every few months it is good to just take it easy and get away from the work/school world. And obviously you never do so! I hope you really enjoy today and tomorrow.

Good for you on the convo with the boss. Hopefully he will recognize he is in danger of losing you because you are so bored. I wouldn't use those words, but I'd say something about how much more challenged/busy you'd like to be, or something along those lines.

Laura said...

Double yay for mental health days. I haven't taken one in forever. I need to do that. Damn.

I hope the conversation with your boss goes well. It sucks to be underutilized. You're too great an asset for them to be wasting on secretarial duties. Not that those aren't important, but you've got so much to offer in addition to that and it's a shame they aren't taking advantage of that.

Speaking of taking advantage, workplace Lotharios are beyond gross. The ones who give me the creeps are the ones who kinda act like they have a right to be inappropriate with me, as if the workplace is their personal hunting preserve or some such thing. Blech.

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