Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What's with the smarmy men in our workplaces?

Sandi posted about the smarmy dude that isn't hitting on her. I was going to post this anyway...

There is a guy at the office that I have already told my director of ops about...I told the DO that this guy really bothers me. Nothing I can put my finger on but that I think he is smarmy. He just gives me the creeps.

Yesterday I wore this dress to work.

I had a staff meeting in the conference room next to smarmy man's office. Even though he creeps me out, I still uphold a professional standard. If he speaks to me, until he does something to out right offend me I will speak back. So when he said hello & asked about my cold (I was carrying a box of tissues & brown paper bag for them) I spoke to him for a few minutes.

Today smarmy man came to my office. I was alone in the office & immediately told him the DO (whom he is usually there to see) was out of the office. He told me that he wasn't there to see the DO but had come over to tell me that I looked really good in the black dress I was wearing yesterday.

OH MY GOD! Really? He remembered what I was wearing. Worse than that--he didn't just come to another side of the building. He came to the other side of his building, walked out the door of his building, crossed the street, & walked about the length of a football field to come into my building.

Now I not only think he's smarmy I think he's a fucking creep! I have taken note of the date that this happened & if anything like this happens again I will be talking to my boss about it.

I have already told John about it.


Anonymous said...

What a freaking creep! Ugh! I am sorry you had to experience that.

On a more important note, LOVE the dress! I may buy it. Did it run true to size?

Deb said...

I think so but it's small in the top--and will need a pin for cleavage. Unless you want to reveal more. lol

Doin the Math said...

I have that dress in a print! Love it! :)

EEEeeuuuuu on smarmy guy!!!!! Totally different vibe if he had complimented you when he first saw you, but so CREEPY to come the next day and compliment you on yesterday's attire. Especially considering the special trip it required. {shudder}

Laura said...

Ugh. Well, I guess it sort of goes with there not being very many non-bulldyke-ish women in your unit. An attractive lady who works out and dresses stylishly is going to get attention regardless, and if she's the only female around who's worth looking at the problem is going to be worse. Not that that makes it okay in any sense, and you're doing the right thing in documenting these encounters in case things escalate.

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