Wednesday, May 19, 2010

tired & cranky

I haven’t been sleeping well (again).  This time at least I can contribute it to the fact that I have 2 45/60 lb dogs hogging my bed.  They used to sleep with Erin but now that she’s not at home…I get the pleasure of being pushed out of bed by Roxi & Romeo.  Why didn’t I get pugs?  lol


Last night I decided to clean up my facebook friends list.  I deleted more than 60 “friends.”  I started off deleting people that don’t post or people that I added just because they requested it & I deleted lists.  I didn’t know why I had separate lists for people.  I got click happy.  Just started deleting everyone.  I realized what I had done when I got a PM from Stacey asking me if I was okay because my profile dropped off her list.  When I went back & checked I had deleted 15 people I didn’t mean to—all of you included.  WTH??? 


John & I are starting to consider putting the house on the market & moving to Delaware.  If he can’t find a job closer to home in 6 months we are selling & moving.  We’re considering just renting for a few years & save the difference between the current mortgage & rent.  Delaware has no income tax so what we currently pay (yes, we pay that much) would go toward a hybrid vehicle for me (Mini supposed to release one next year). 


Today was a rest day.  I’m doing a 4 day split & 4 days of intense cardio.


I haven’t been eating everything I’ve packed for my lunches.  I’m just not hungry.  I should be but I’m not.




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Anonymous said...

I definitely get the dog problem, hehe! You will have to set up the guest room just for them!

Moving to DE sounds so exciting! How much closer does that put John to work? Can you get real estate reasonably? And I am with you on renting for a while - when I sell my house it will be a bit before I'm willing to commit anywhere. So she says.

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