Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I thought I was so together last night.  Got home, unpacked & repacked my lunchbox, unpacked & repacked my gym bag & even laid out clothes & towels for tomorrow.  Cooked dinner & had the kitchen cleaned up so John wouldn’t have to deal with anything except the after dinner dishes; I’m home with nothing to do so why not?


I got to the gym this morning to realize that I had left my workout log on the dining room table.  It wasn’t a total loss because I had my phone & I have all of my workouts from Wendy sorted in my gmail account; which conveniently is available on my phone.  The only problem was that I couldn’t remember what I did weight wise last week.  Eh.  I winged it & went pretty strong.


Today was 3 sets of 15.  I was afraid of burning out early so I only did 95 lbs for the first two sets of BB squats.  I did 115 for the last set.  I will never start at 95 again…110 or more is a MUST.  I got on the treadmill & walked at 4 MPH at a 2.5% incline for 16 minutes then went into Tabatas at 8 MPH.  I did 4 minutes.  I finished my workout with abs & a short stretch. 


I have a question…my wrists hurt when I do front squats.  I know I can go heavier than 75 lbs but I can’t hold the bar.  In fact my wrists are now sore as I type.  Would it make that much difference if I go to a single dumbbell & hold it vertically?  I’m thinking no but I want a second opinion.


I’m tired today.  We have both dogs sleeping with us & I’m getting shoved out of the bed.  I was awake at 2:30 this morning.  I can’t stand it!  It’s raining & gross so I don’t know if I’ll attempt getting to my car so I can go take a nap later. On the other hand I wonder if there are dorm rooms open upstairs…Hmmm, something to ask about.




4:30 AM

Coffee w/skim milk

Myoplex Lite shake


7:45 AM

Steel cut oats

1 c Greek yogurt

½ c berries

Sugar-free vanilla syrup



10:30 AM

Tuna (I forget the amount—mid-protein intake day) NO MAYO

Spinach & tomato

Lavash bread (full sheet, 14 g carbs)


1:00 PM

3.5 oz chicken (it’s written on the bag)

Green beans

Balsamic glaze


4:00 PM

3.8 oz steak

1 c edamame



Turkey joes

1 Multigrain sandwich thin





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Doin the Math said...

Usually some sort of comfort issue comes into play with front squats...whether its the bar digging into the front of the shoulders, or the wrists hurting, etc. There are a couple of different ways to hold the bar in front squats: with the wrists inverted and elbows kinda sticking straight out in front, which may be how you're doing it if your wrists hurt. Or you can cross your arms in front of you, holding the bar over your crossed arms, with your forearms out in front, hands crossed over the bar. Something to play with.

I LOVE goblet squats, holding a single DB in front, but I don't know enough to know if it works the leg the same way as a traditional front squat. ? It still does wonderful things for the legs, though.

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