Monday, May 24, 2010

Roxi update

She does NOT have cancer!!!!  It was a type of tumor that is completely benign (non-cancerous) but would have kept growing until it ruptured.  It would have been very painful & would have required a much more extensive surgery than she had.  It was good that we got it now. 


The vet said the fluid will take a couple of weeks to go away.  If it is still there when we take her to get her stitches out on June 3 we’ll talk about what the next step might be.  The discoloration in her chest is probably bruising & completely normal with the fluid she built up.  The vet believes she had this reaction because she lays on that side—at night it is the side she likes to sleep on; when she’s on the couch it is the side she sleeps on. 


As for the diarrhea; the vet said to put her on bland diet of hamburger & white rice until her stools come back to normal.  If they don’t return to normal by Wednesday or if she begins to act lethargic we need to bring her in.  As long as she’s drinking she shouldn’t dehydrate.  I’m thinking she’ll never eat her kibble again once we start burger & rice.  Lol


Anyway, that’s good news!!!! YAYAYAYAYAY





stacey said...

Hooray!!!! I am so glad for the good news. I would have been completely freaked out by her unresponsiveness this morning too! I am glad she perked up for you.

Anonymous said...

That is wonderful!! I'm so glad and you must be so relieved.

The hamburger thing is hilarious, though. Good luck ever getting her back to dry food!

Rose said...

Oh yay! So glad to hear that Roxi is on the mend. What a relief!

Kim said...

Good news! You'll probably have to mix a little hamburger and rice to transition her back to kibble. :o)

Doin the Math said...

YAY! :)

I've done chicken and rice with my dogs (there are Internet people who not only swear by this, but think it's cheaper than dog food. Guess it depends on dog food brand and amount of chicken vs. rice), and they've transitioned back just fine. They just have to get hungry enough, and I have to be strong enough to resist the sad eyes. ;)

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