Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I need a new pillow or something

I woke up at 2:15 AM with pain in my traps again—it’s not DOMS but “I slept wrong” pain.  I can’t imagine why except that I’ve been sleeping on a different pillow because the down pillow I have is CRAP.  I guess I’ll go back to that until I can get to the store for a tempurpedic pillow (which isn’t going to happen this weekend).  UGH


We thought Joe might be coming back to live with us again.  He sent me a text last week telling me that he was worried that he didn’t think he was going to be able to afford East Stroudsburg U.  I asked him if he had spoken to his financial advisor yet.  He told me no.  I told him to do that & we would figure it out; I would pay to keep him up there if he made an effort with his spending.  John & I came up with a plan for him—if he saved his money to pay the diff between financial aid & what it costs, we would give him the truck out-right & help him with his books.  If he saved but didn’t have the $$$ to make up the diff we would allow him to come back here.  He would have to find a job & if he didn’t he would be sent home in December never to return.  If he was spending too much money & couldn’t make ends meet he would be on his own.  He liked the idea but we told him to think about it for a few days because one stipulation was that I was going to be ALL in his financial business—he would have to send me his deposit slips & bank statements every month. 


We advised him not to register for classes until he knew how much money he was getting from FA & if he was going to be able to pay for classes.  Dumb ass didn’t listen…


Yesterday we had this text conversation:


Him: I talked to my student advisor & I’m registered now for 5 classes


Me: And what is that going to cost you & what is your financial aid going to cover.


Him: I have to meet with them but I can’t til I have transportation. 


Me: when will that be?


Him: IDK


Me: Is your father helping you at all? Your grandmother? Joe this needs to be a “village” effort.  We can’t help you if they won’t.


Him: Dad doesn’t have a car or money and grandma fell so she can’t bring me anywhere.


Me: What about Robin’s car (his father’s girlfriend)?


Him: She works & is in class every day except Sunday.


Me: Then what is your plan? You don’t have forever to figure this out.  You can tell your father that he needs to step up or he’s going to fuck your chances of going to school.  He needs to be figuring out how to help you & if you won’t tell him send me his phone number & I will.


Him: There isn’t anything he can do.  He doesn’t have money because he still pays child support for me & Daniel even tho he’s 18 and I don’t live with her (his mother).  He has to pay off back taxes and they take that from his check directly so he doesn’t have a care because he can’t afford it.


Me: He can help you find a ride.  His financial problems are his own doing NOT your fault.  He’s still paying child support for kids more than 18 yo because he didn’t do it when he should have.  Don’t let him fool you into thinking it’s your fault!!!!


Him: I don’t think it’s my fault.  I’m just saying why he can’t help. 


Me: You can bet if this was something he wanted/need to do he would find a car to use.  He should be helping you with that.


Him: he does want me to go to college.  If you keep talking down on my dad to me then I don’t want your help.


Me: Then don’t take it Joe it’s up to you.  You need to be sure that you understand the difference between talking down about your father and point out the FACTS.  Just like you told your mother Daniel has no business having a dog that he can’t afford to feed when he has a kid on the way.


Yes, his brother Daniel is 18 & is expecting a child.  He does not work.  His girl friend does not work.  They are living on welfare in a welfare apartment & have gotten a dog.  The poor child doesn’t stand a change. 


We haven’t heard from him since.  I talked to my mother later & she told me that his younger brother, Patrick, had called her to ask if she would give him money to buy a car. 


They are all very manipulative & underhanded.  She & I think that Sandy (their mother) had Pat call about a car.  When she said no they started putting the screws to Joe to get our truck sooner rather than waiting all summer. 


John & I talked long about this entire situation.  Joe is not coming back here EVER & we’re done trying to help him. 


Anyway on the workout front…


Today was legs day.  I did 120 lb squats!!!  I’m working on trying different grips for front squats.  I almost dropped the bar when I tried crossing my arms in front.  LOL  Okay maybe not LOL then but it is now. 


Squats: 115 (3 sets)/120 (1 set)

Front squats: 85 lbs

Side lunges: 85 lbs

Leg extensions: 75/80/85 (2 sets)


Leanne had asked me to run with her today but had to do a Wing Warrior Run, a 3 mile run in formation, today.  I saw them coming around the corner as I left the gym.  They all wear the same clothing—the Air Force physical training uniform is a grey t-shirt & blue shorts.  Each Squadron has someone carry their squadron flag so that they can be identified.  It was a very cool site. 


So…I ran on the treadmill for 35 minutes; 2 minutes fast, 2 minutes slow for 25 minutes & then 1 minute fast, 1 minute slow for the last 5 & a 5 minute cool down. 

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Anonymous said...

Wow, just wow.

I feel so sorry for those kids because they are just being manipulated by the parents. It must make you crazy! I wanted to smack them just reading about it. Ugh. I especially hate deadbeat parents complaining about child support AND if his mother is still getting child support, why the hell can't she assist???


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