Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Why his mother doesn't help...

I forgot that I didn’t mention this so here’s that side of the story. 


My mother’s baby sister.  Three years older than I.  Has 1 son due to not using appropriate birth control; got married; got divorced.  Has 3 boys, all a year apart.  Joe being the oldest of them.  Again, no BC, got married, got pregnant twice more.  Matt, their father, became a raging alcoholic, left Sandy with the boys under the age of 7, for a girl ½ his age.


Matt is now 46 & is schtooping a 24 year old girl.  EWWWWW


Sandy had no education, no training, & 4 boys.  My grandmother did what she could to help but my grandfather paid their bills.  Sandy never learned to handle money & passed that trait on to her kids.


Sandy now receives a whopping $300/month from Matt for back child support.  She does not work & is on welfare.  Patrick, the youngest of the 4, is receiving SSI due to his illnesses.  I’m not sure what they are but am pretty sure it’s not something that significant because he can party like a fucking rock star.  Yeah I know you have to be pretty disabled to get SSI—I’m being sarcastic about the illnesses but he really is a junky. 


All of the $$ she receives pays her rent, her utilities.  She is not a drug addict or alcoholic.  Just a loser who does not work. 


Oh his father must owe one hell of a lot in back taxes because he makes $50/k & lives with his mother.  I’m not sure but I would think he could figure out a way to save & buy a car.  Fucker. 


Joe was/is trying to pull himself out of this black hole.  He is the only one in that family that graduated from high school.  He is trying but is sadly lost. 


And yes, Marie, I wanted to smack them all…to put it mildly.



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