Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Greg (Erin’s boyfriend) is coming over on Saturday to talk to us about his intentions for our girl.  Le sigh.  I’m both excited & sad.  I’m excited that she is so happy & Greg is a really nice guy.  We’ve finished the longest part of our raising our girl.  It’s good.  Yet I’m sad because my baby is all growed up.  When did that happen?   


Greg closes on his house on Monday.  They’ve been buying furniture like crazy.  Last night I got nosey & asked if he’s paying cash or using a credit card to pay for all this stuff.  He’s paying cash!  He doesn’t believe in using cards.  He’s been saving for this for 3 years & is getting nice stuff.  Between what Erin has in hand-me-downs from us & what he has from his parents they have pretty much furnished their house with just needing to buy a bedroom set & couch.  We’re giving them a day bed, desk, patio set, & kitchen stuff.  His parents are giving him a dining room set & some other stuff.  They are going to buy linens & stuff this weekend.


I am a little (a lot) jealous that my mom is getting to see her new house before me.  We are taking Joe home on Saturday, the 15th.  My mom is going to go to the house & clean the carpets while Erin paints & they wait for their furniture to be delivered.  John offered to take Joe home alone & let me go to Erin’s.  I said no.  We’ll make them have us over for drinks on Sunday.  LOL


While I worked out I watched Ernie & Leanne do one crazy workout today.  They started at a high weight for 6 reps, dropped to mid-weight for 10 reps, & dropped again for 20 reps.  They did 3 sets of this.  My legs hurt just watching.  After we went for a brisk walk instead of a run—she couldn’t run.  LMAO 


My eating was pretty good yesterday.  I probably ate too much peanut butter but the jar is empty now & gone from my drawer.  No more. 


My workout was pretty freaking awesome today:


DB deadlifts from the floor: 40 lbs/35 lbs

Farmer’s walks: 40 lbs

Romanian deads: 80 lbs

Leg curls: 50/55 lbs


Followed by a 25 minute walk for about 1.7 miles.


I am going to incorporate Farmer’s walks more often.  I found that my grip strength is not what I would like it to be.  I had to drop to the 35 lb dbs because I couldn’t hold the 40s for 15 reps.  Then after doing the walks I found that doing 80 lb Romanians was EXTREMELY difficult.  I am going to have sore traps & forearms tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Wow, exciting! I am very happy for Erin (and for you!). Plus... everyone appears to be moving out the same day, LOL. You and John will have to celebrate by watching TV naked, or something.


(Oddly, my word verification is "bareco," so clearly the universe agrees with me, LOL!)

Rose said...

I agree with Marie: it *is* exciting!! Congrats to everyone and definitely enjoy some nekkid tv watching. Or something. :)

wv = carturbe When you see something disturbing driving, like some random dude picking his nose?

stacey said...

Wow Deb, how exciting. Your Erin all grown up and out on her own! I understand the mostly happy but a bit conflicted thing. I am feeling that way about Rosie going so far away for college.

Laura said...

I'm so happy for Erin, and for you and John too. It sounds as though Greg is someone you really trust to treat Erin well and be the kind of husband she deserves.

I think you and John should celebrate by, er, um, rechristening every room of your newly empty house. Or something like that. Unless it would upset the pups.

Kim said...

My daughter will be 23 y.o. this summer. I keep telling her that she's catching up to me! :o) It's an exciting time in both of your lives. I know you'll enjoy visiting on Sunday. Kudos on the workout. Farmer walks rock. Way to build the grip and core strength and balance. Nice job killing the peanut butter "crack". That's how I got off my Dove Dark Chocolate habit. LOL!

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