Friday, April 23, 2010

you just can't make this stuff up

This is one messed up situation.  The superintendent named in this article is my father’s boss & friend.  If you read the article you will find Donna Mansfield mentioned.  Donna is the same Donna that is my brother’s girlfriend’s sister.  The one who’s son hung himself while on oxycodone last year.  I don’t remember if I mentioned that she had been in a long term relationship with Mr. Ritacco; they broke up after the sh*t storm surrounding Anthony’s death (his wife threatened to cut off his balls—literally). 


Mike has done a lot of really good things for the Toms River school district.  The Ritacco Center (can’t remember if it is named in the article or not) was his brain child.  All money raised from events held at this center are poured back into the schools. 


I don’t know if I mentioned it or not but Donna went on the cruise with us.  She & I had drinks one night & she told me that she had had to testify before the federal grand jury about a week before we went away.  When I asked her for details she said that Mike’s business partner was under investigation & that Anthony worked for him so she assumed it was surrounding that relationship.  Yeah, whatever.  I knew that there had to be more than just that.


I feel bad for her but am staying way out of this drama.


Meals are on target!  I’m down 2 lbs this week.  I think the fat loss is related to the donut fiasco.  I’m looking forward to a good weekend of keeping it in line.


Today was leg day—super heavy (for me)


Deadlifts from the floor—95 lbs PB

Reverse lunges—65 lbs PB

Good mornings—55 lbs

SHELC – 4 sets of 8 done



I decided not to do any cardio today as I’ve done it 4 days this week & am going to do one of those workouts tomorrow.  I will post my thoughts on it.


Erin has announced that she is moving out.  Greg is closing on his house on 10 May.  He wants her to move in right away.  She hasn’t decided exactly when but soon.  I am going to have an empty nest by the middle of June!!!  It’s funny that when she was dating the rocker she didn’t want a wedding or kids.  Now she wants two kids & a wedding.  Yay!


Doin the Math said...

Nice workout, Deb!

Beata did a bodyrock workout - the same one you posted on Facebook - before I got to the gym this morning. She nailed it and loved it! Then she kept on working out, because it was only 20 minutes, LOL. She's crazy.

Congrats on Erin being in love with (what sounds like) a nice guy! Is this someone you can see yourself calling "son"? :)

Deb said...

I think Greg is a nice guy. I'm holding my judgement until they've lived together for a while. He treats her the way I would want a man to treat her & from what she says he worships her so...we'll see.

I need to clarify my "donut fiasco" statement...I think the fat loss was fat gain that I got from eating the donuts that fell off this week. duh

Anonymous said...

Did you guys know the Bodyrock chick is also a porn star? There is a long thread on VF, where some of the bigger drama queens are carrying on about how they can't support her Other Line of Work, blahblah. Like, who cares, you know? She's not underage, she's gorgeous and obviously fit. So, if she wants to knock boots with a bunch of creepy porn dudes, that's her own business. LOL

Deb - congrats on Erin moving out! This is so exciting for you all. I know how much you LOATHED the other guy (who is crying in his beer over her still, I'm sure) so this is doubly special.

And, you know, I totally get the empty nest thing. I love my children (desperately at times) but when they are grown, I want them to be productive members of society with their own pads to crash in. Mike and I are going to move somewhere warm someday and we've already agreed it will be tiny, so no one who walks on less than four legs can possibly wish to join us.

Wennndy said...

I am so glad that Erin is in a happier situation for herself. And I'm happy for you that you don't have to be on edge about it anymore. WOOOOHOOO!!!!!!

Donuts are delicious, but they mostly suck because their deliciousness masks their evil qualities.

stacey said...

Oooh empty nest. It will never happen here so I will have to live vicariously through you. Not that I mind my full nest. I don't.

I think Zuzana is a SOFT porn star Marie. So no knocking boots....just you know....her spanking the clam and such.

Anonymous said...

Spanking the clam, LMAO!

I have no idea what her gig is all about. I did go to her Ominous Other Site to see what the fuss was, and all I saw was a bunch of very artsy boob shots. She's very photogenic and her photographer/husband obviously knows his stuff. I just assumed when you paid to get in, you got to see lots more, hehe.

stacey said...

Oooh! Sounds like she will be helping us all get our Boobquake on!

Laura said...

Great job on the eating and workout, Deb. It's tough to keep lifting heavy when you're dieting, but you're doing wonderfully!

I'm so glad Erin is happy with her new love but glad she's not rushing into an engagement right away. She's soooo young and she hasn't been with Greg that long. He sounds sweet and it wouldn't surprise me at all if he turned out to be The One but ... if it were one of my nieces I would want her to wait for a bit before making too much of a commitment.

Greg's a little older than Erin, right? That can be challenging, because he might be more ready to settle down than she is. If he's the right guy for Erin, though, he'll give her all the time she needs.

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