Thursday, April 22, 2010

Today was chest & back day.  I want to go up on my DB chest presses—I did 25s today but could probably go 35.  I need a spotter.  No one was in the gym today.  Damn!  Well, not entirely true.  No one that I want spotting me. 

My scale dipped today.  Not significantly & I am sort of holding my breath to see what happens.  I know what usually happens here…scale dips, weekend comes upon me, I don’t weigh & measure or drink enough water, scale goes the other way.  This weekend is going to be particularly…different. 

We are taking Joe to Cheesecake Factory to celebrate his acceptance to East Stroudsburg.  My favorite dish is bang bang chicken & shrimp, a spicy Thai Dish with the flavors of curry, peanut, chile and coconut. Sautéed with vegetables and served over steamed white rice.  They do have a section of “weight management” stuff but, seriously? Do I want to eat a salad at the Cheesecake Factory.  I can make 3 meals from the bang bang, sans white rice.  I think I’m pretty safe going that way.  I will only have a bite of whatever cheesecake everyone else has.  I can’t eat an entire piece anyway…burp. 

Yesterday I got a list of jobs that 3 people used to do for the unit.  None of which is tremendously burdensome and makes me wonder why it was taking 3 people to do them.  I’m taking them all on & believe I will still end up with a lot of time on my hands. 

As I mentioned today was chest & back…

Push-ups 4 sets of 10 All on my toes & with perfect form

BB rows underhand grip: 75 lbs

DB chest press: 25 lbs

Lat pull downs: 75 lbs

DB flyes: 20lbs

Reverse flyes: 15 lbs

I followed up with 30 minutes steady state on the cross trainer & 4 minutes of tabata on the treadmill.  I bumped my speed up to 8.3 MPH.  Phew!  They haven’t put the air on in the gym yet & it was brutal today. 

Meals are planned like this:

Shake before workout

½ c dry Oatmeal cooked, ½ c almond milk & 1 c cantelope

3 oz turkey meatballs, ½ c edamame

3 oz tuna, 1 c spinach, 2 servings Lavash

¾ c Chobani Greek yogurt, mixed fruit (1 peach slice/2 lg strawberries/2 melon balls)

3 oz shrimp, 1 c greenbeans

3 oz salmon, 1 c summer squash, 1/3 c brown rice

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