Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pointless drama (tremendously long)

Wendy posted this quote on her facebook status today…


“There comes a time in your life when you have to let go of all the pointless drama and the people who create it and surround yourself with people who make you laugh so hard that you forget the bad and focus solely on the good.  After all, life is too short to be anything but happy.”  Karl Marx (1897-1985)


Yes, as Wendy pointed out, there was the Nazi business but this a fabulous quote.  I need to remember it & practice it.


I have a crap load of cousins.  Two of which are the whiniest people I have ever met in my life.  When they post on facebook they always post about how much they hate their jobs (they are both school teachers) and how the children they teach are brats, stupid, or whatever.  Ronda does not have a full-time teaching job but is a sub because she cannot find a “real” job.  She lives at home paying no rent & is still on Mommy & Daddy’s healthcare. 


Last night Ronda posted that one of the “stupid little kids” told her that she looked like a waitress from the 1900s in the dress she was wearing.  For whatever reason this really pissed me off yesterday.  I said something to Joe about it & he immediately posted that she needed to stop talking about the kids in that manner & that he was tired of her whining on facebook all the time.  She came back at him with something to the effect that he is not an adult and has no business talking to her about it. 


I sent her a private message telling her that I have often considered blocking her from my facebook live feed because she depresses the hell out of me.  I went on to say that she seriously ought to consider looking for a job outside of her own back yard but oh that would mean that she would actually have to move out of mommy & daddy’s house & be a real ADULT. 


Her response was that she wouldn’t be living with her parents if she hadn’t lost a boat load of money in her (very ugly) divorce because her husband left her for a stripper or did I conveniently forget that.


Conveniently forget?  I didn’t even know why she got divorced.  I always assumed it was because her husband got tired of her prima donna ways. 


She also told me that my comments on her wall were inappropriate.  I have only ever posted 1 time on her wall—she left her laptop unplugged for several days & couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working.  She posted that she felt like a dumb blonde for not realizing it sooner.  Later that same night she posted that she couldn’t wait for her boyfriend to get to her parents house.  I posted, “Are you sure he’s coming? Maybe he’s unplugged.”  I swear to God that I never saw the innuendo in my comment until she pointed it out last night.  Then I almost lost it.  LMAO!  I wish I had done it on purpose. 


Anyway, I am going to remember this quote and try not to let other people’s drama piss me off.


Here’s a funny little story about me…I have this paranoid side.  Whenever I have been asked to go to the BIG boss’ office I have always gotten paranoid, what did I do?” What didn’t I do?  Who did I piss off? Yesterday as I was going to lunch, Lt Col Lenderman asked me if I didn’t have other plans, would I go to lunch with him today.  When I said sure, he told me that we would be going with his boss, too.  WTF?  My mind went wild.  This is why the window of opportunity wouldn’t open for my nap.


Later in the day I was talking to our tech guy about gadgets.  We were talking about the new iPhone and what AT&T is or is not doing with their contract, etc…I don’t know what he said or what I said but suddenly I remembered that today is Administrative Professionals Day.  DUH!  That’s why my boss wants to take me to lunch.   I’m such a dumb ass sometimes! I am having a chicken Caesar salad sans croutons no matter where we go. 


Today was straight cardio day.  I did 45 minutes fast & furious on the ARC trainer.  I followed it up with abs & a good stretch. 


My eating was spot on yesterday.  It will be again today. 


Before workout

Myoplex Advantedge



After workout (within the hour)

½ c dry oats

½ c almond milk (I LOVE this)


Mid morning meal (right now)

3 oz shrimp

1 c asparagus



Chicken Caesar salad sans croutons dressing on the side


Mid afternoon meal

3 oz tuna

1 c spinach

2 servings Lavash bread (only 14 grams carbs)


Late afternoon snack

1 c Chobani FF yogurt

½ c mixed fruit



3 oz chicken grilled

1 c summer squash/zucchini/onions grilled

1/3 c Kashi pilaf



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Wennndy said...

ROFLMAO! I stay wayyyy out of my cousins' ways most of the time. So. Not. Worth. It. Seriously? The drama? I don't wanna know most of the time, so when we DO get together, I can appreciate them more. Otherwise .... ugh.

Then again, the last time I got together with any extended family was at my mom's funeral in July 2007. LOL!

Personally, and you didn't ask, but I'd keep them as friends but ignore their postings.

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