Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ouchie! I don’t know if I slept funny or if I pulled something in my traps while working out.  About half way through my back/chest work I started having pain radiating from my neck to my traps—like I slept funky last night. I just took 400 mg of naproxen sodium.  I worked through the pain because it wasn’t a bad pain but just annoying.


I think the scale is going to move in a big way this week.  I’m feeling really super tight & last night when changing my top I swear I saw a couple of lines that I haven’t seen since December.  It was just a glimpse but I know it was there.  I’m sticking to plan 100% & am reaping the benefits.


We are going to the Cape on Friday.  We are going to get up at 4:00 & head up.  We’ll have lunch & then go take care of Serge.  I’m glad because even Erin is feeling bad that no one is up there with him.  If she had the time she would be going, too; but new job=no time off.


Because I have my new polar bear cooler (thanks, Sandi) I will pack all of my meals for the trip.  I will have one reward meal at Land Ho, our favorite little dive restaurant, but I WILL NOT eat fried fish.  I will have broiled fish because as Cathy Savage says, “fried foods are not a (reward) meal,”  even if I do love fish & chips.  I plan to have a cup of chowdah but will otherwise keep it clean.  Finally seeing results that I don’t want to set back.


I’m also thinking that I want to write out some interval/functional stuff to do for cardio.  I’m getting pretty bored with the treadmill/elliptical/arc trainer since I’ve been doing it more faithfully.  Time to mix it up. 


So here’s what I did today:


Push-ups: 6 sets of 6 all on my toes with perfect form

Underhand BB rows: 75 & 80 lbs


DB chest press: 30 lbs

Lat pull downs: 105(3)/85(3)/75 lbs & 80 lbs


DB chest flies: 25 lbs

Reverse flies: 20/15 lbs  --  I’m not really sure my form is perfect on these.  I watch in the mirror & my arms look funky doing them.  I’ve got to look at some videos.


I followed up with a 30 minute interval of 1.5 minutes running@6MPH, 1.5 minutes walking@4MPH & a 4 minute Tabata of 20/10@8MPH.  Major sweat fest! 


I’ve written out 2 BodyRock workouts (fat assassin & sweet punishment) to take with me to the cape.  I will work out at least on Saturday.  Maybe even get one in on Sunday.  Should be fun!


Wennndy said...

Nice workout and that cardio looks killer!

Anonymous said...

How do you like the Bodyrock workouts? She claims to ONLY do the workouts she posts and she really looks fantastic. (Of course, I'm certain her starting point was in some other stratosphere, but curious, I guess.) They look fun but tough!

Hope you have a pleasant trip to the Cape. Pleasant as it can be, at any rate...

Deb said...

Erin says the workouts kick ass. If you look at the videos on youtube you will find that her older stuff shows a less cut figure. Yeah, she was hot but not this hot.

I'll let you know what I think on Tuesday. The ones I have written out look along the lines of what Wendy has given me in the past.

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