Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lasts night was hectic but I managed to get it all done!  And I didn’t forget anything for my gym bag. lol


The new vet is AWESOME!  She took her time with Roxi & made me feel good about the meds we have to give her during the summer months & DID give me some options.  We’re going to try them & see how our old girl does.  Roxi does have a lump on her side that we’re going to have removed next month.  We are not having it biopsied because we are not going to put her through chemo if it is cancer.  That’s hard enough for people I can’t imagine doing it to my fur baby that can’t speak for herself.  Other than that she is healthy & doing well. 


I took Romeo with me so that he could get familiar with the environment.  He behaved like a gentleman!  He laid at my feet & slept.  Good boy!


In other news we might be going to Cape Cod this weekend.  John’s father is in the hospital with internal bleeding.  They had to give him 2 units & thought the bleeding was stopping but we don’t know.  I just sent John an email asking him to make a decision about going up there.  As much as I dislike his father it pisses me off that no one thinks about how alone this man is.  Okay, I get that he has been verbally (& physically to me) abusive but he is old & lonely & scared.  Jeeze, go see the old man.


I got my polar bear cooler.  I think I could have gotten away with the 12 pack.  The 24 pack is HUGE!  But then again I didn’t pack a salad last night—just a bunch of little containers & ziplock baggies.  I do like that I am not taking up a ton of room in the mini-fridge.


OH OH OH! I got my Kindle DX.  John let me open it the day it came in.  I LOVE IT!!!! I want to buy mad books just so I can read it.  I’m reading Stephen King, Under the Dome in hardback right now—picked it up from the library—but want to download the Kindle version just cuz I can. 


My workout ROCKED today.  I achieved another PB in plie squats…115.  When I did them I thought, “I’m squatting Laura!”  LOL  I love leg day!


Plie squats: 1 set 105/115 for 2 sets

Romanian deads: 85 (another PB)


Step-ups: 25/20 for 2 sets

Leaning lunges: 30/25/20


Box jumps with 8 risers


I followed up with 30 minutes cardio & 4 different ab exercises (3 sets of 12 each).  I made up today what I couldn’t achieve yesterday.  Feeling groovy!


Anonymous said...

Squatting Laura, LOL!!!

I hope your FIL is okay and I am totally with you on the vet plan. I don't think I would take extraordinary measures with any of my pets, either. ((hugs))

Doin the Math said...

Groovy is a good way to feel! :)

I have a 24 pack too, and yeah, most of the time it can be big, but it's nice to have that space when you need it. :)

I hope you do make it to the cape. Sounds like he needs someone.

Yay on the vet, and nice workout!! I'm sure you're way outlifting me at this point. It's been so long since I touched a weight. Got to get thru these races so I can get back to the iron. :)

Laura said...

Put me down this instant, young lady!!! Paul considers me a unit of measurement as well. As in, "Today I benched two Lauras." Actually he almost never calls me Laura, but you get the idea. Anyway, WTG--squatting 115 with good form is tough because of the core and back strength required. Honestly I'd say that's the limiting factor for most people, not leg strength in my experience.

I am soooo glad you like the new vet. It's such a relief to find someone you trust, especially when your furbabies are older and you really need someone who can help you sort out what's best for them. Like you and Marie it's hard for me to imagine circumstances under which I would want to proceed with cancer treatment for an older pet. I guess maybe if my pet were not that old, had an excellent chance of making a full recovery, and wouldn't suffer too much, I would consider it--but my understanding is that that's almost never the case.

You're a good person to care so much about John's dad even though he's never treated you with the proper respect. I hope you and John are able to do something for him.

Enjoy your Kindle! Lately I've been using mine to read all kinds of trash I'd be embarrassed to let anyone (except you guys) know I read. With the Kindle there's no heaving-bodice cover art to give away your secret!

Kim said...

...following along!

stacey said...

I'm glad you found a vet you like.

The kindle sounds fun.

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