Monday, April 26, 2010

The numbers suck.  I know for an absolute fact that I did not eat too much and did drink a gallon of water both weekend days yet I still up 2 lbs this morning & my size 8 jeans are tight.  What the hell???? I don’t get it.


I am playing with right now.  I pretty much know how much I need to be eating but need to get it absolutely right.  One thing I’ve learned already is that I cannot eat an apple & have berries in my cereal.  One or the other.  Eh. 


This morning’s workout blew.  I’m not feeling 100%—my stomach is upset.  My lifts weren’t heavy & I couldn’t do a single unassisted chinup (the machine is fixed).  I did 3 sets of 5 assisted chins with 55 lbs. 


Today was high rep day


Overhand bb rows: 75 lbs

Pull-overs: 25 lbs


Lateral side raise: 10/5

DB curls: 10

Tricep extensions: 15


I did 30 minutes of the ARC trainer & then 10 on the stair stepper.  I did not put that much effort into the work but did work up one hell of a sweat anyway.  I’ve never done the stair stepper before & am not sure I like it but I am going to start incorporating it into my cardio workouts.  I figure it can’t hurt my booty, right? 

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Laura said...

I'm guessing the extra weight is just water you're still holding from the Cheesecake Factory meal. Restaurant entrees are loaded with sodium, and the bread, nachos and white rice probably aren't helping. Unfortunately if you're sensitive to those things even tiny amounts can make a big difference as far as your water levels go. The good news is that if you keep drinking your water and eating super clean the extra waterweight should be gone in a day or two. You know it's not fat gain because your portion sizes were spot on and your calorie intake was appropriate, right? Right. Not to worry.

I mean, not to worry unless Wendy says you should, but I'm pretty sure she won't.

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