Monday, April 26, 2010


I was going to respond to Laura in a cmment but I have so much to add that I will do another post. 


I’m not working with Wendy right now—until I got my eating under control (because that is my biggest problem) I didn’t want to waste her time.   My workouts aren’t a problem; my hand-to-mouth disease is.  I am getting under control!  


I am pretty sure that my body is ULTRA sensitive to starchies.  When I got down to 145 in December I’m pretty sure it was the result of limiting starches to one a day. I have to eat nothing but the finest starches. 


I have been playing with FitDay today.  There were some totals that freaked me out so I went over to MyDailyPlate.  The differences in their nutritional information is frightening.  I’m glad I know what I’m eating because I’m pretty sure the macros are off on FitDay.  I’m going to use MyDailyPlate.


What I have gotten accomplished so far is to create a database of my own based on the foods that I know I eat on a regular basis.  I’ve listed the macros of each food item & the serving size that is listed on MyDailyPlate.  I think this will allow me to easier calculate my macros based on my needs with simple calculations in my spreadsheet.  In the meantime what I have done for this week is use my very first meal plan from Wendy—3 oz of protein/1 c veggies/& 3 starchy carbs (which I’m experimenting with).  On Sunday when I pack my lunches for the week I will measure; low, medium, high protein/carbs/fats.  I will post my spreadsheet on google docs & share it at some point.


I have to take Roxi to the vet tonight; she has a lump on her side that is growing exponentially.  Poor old girl.  We are trying a new vet.  Our old vet retired & sold the practice to a conglomerate it seems.  The last 3 times we went we had poor service & I even had them put a note on our records that I would not see one of the doctors.  We weren’t even notified of the sale.  John & I had decided to look into changing so I was doing a google search for reviews on some of the local vets & found a ton of reviews from people saying that the service was bad since the sale last March (right before we bough Romeo).  It was very enlightening to see what people were saying. 


So we’re going to a new vet that has rave reviews.  I drive past the vet every day on my way to & from work so I know the outside of the facility is nice.  When I called to make the appt I talked to 2 different people in the office & both were very nice. 


The last straw with the old vet was this exact topic.  She has an allergy in the summer that manifests itself with flakey, sensitive skin, and gnawing at her feet.  She will gnaw until they are raw.  We have tried washing her feet every time she comes in from the yard, changed her diet to a sensitive skin diet (which has helped but isn’t a cure), we’ve tried Benadryl & other over the counter meds to no avail.  The only thing that works is the steroid.  When we were first prescribed it the vet told us to use 1 pill twice a day.  We have found that she can get away with ½ pill twice a day. 


The last vet we saw went OFF on me about it.  So I went back at her, “give me an alternative that will work & I will take her off the steroid.”  She was dead silent.  I knew I would never go back to that practice again.  We’re doing everything we can to make our girl comfortable for 4 months of the year when she is miserable.  I don’t like giving her something that I know can cause liver damage but when there is no alternative & I know she will chew her feet right off I don’t see any alternative.  Needless to say I will be interested to see what this new vet has to say.








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