Friday, March 12, 2010

I want an iPad!

I’ve been thinking about getting the Kindle or a Sony Reader but Apple is about to launch the Mac (pun intended) Daddy of readers.   The iPad (as if I need to post a link).  Both Amazon & Barnes & Noble offer apps for the iPhone which can be used on the iPad.  The iPad is bigger & offers more versatility.  Yeah, with the 3G network it’s a little (okay, a lot) more pricey but still I want one!!!


That is all.  Carry on.


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Anonymous said...

I want one, too, but I am not willing to shell out $$ for a first generation product. Even if it's an Apple, they still have had issues with first-gen products. Plus I think if we wait for the next one, it will be more like a laptop than just a portable desk-type thing.

I am still leaning toward a Kindle, because all I really want to do is read on the thing. But I will be jealous if you get one!

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