Monday, March 15, 2010

a brand new day; 12 days

John wanted ribs yesterday so we went to Dave’s Famous.  I had 4 ribs, French fries, a corn muffin (regular sized), coleslaw & half a bread pudding.  It was yummy.  My stomach is paying for it today.  It’s burning like I had been drinking; A LOT.  I was not; at all.  Eh.  It was good going down. 


This morning was one of those mornings that makes you wish you had stayed in bed.  When I got to the gym I started putting my stuff in the locker & found that I had grabbed 2 left shoes; same style, different color.  No biggie.  I am wearing jeans today, I’ll just wear my sneakers.  When I finished my workout I found that I had forgotten my make-up bag which also holds my hairbrush & deodorant.  Leanne loaned me a hairbrush so I could at least put my hair up.  While brushing my hair I broke her hairbrush.  WTF?  Okay, her brush is one of those Goodie brushes with the rubber spongy part & plastic bristles so I was able to salvage it but still.  I just wanted to go home & go back to bed & start over again tomorrow.  I can’t even blame it on the time change because I pack my gym bag at night. 


I am at a cross-road in my nutrition.  I am feeling like nothing is working for me lately. I am not over-indulging.  My confessions here are what I’m eating outside of a good, clean diet.  However, I’ve reached a plateau & I don’t look like I want to look.  Back in December I did look how I want to look—or pretty darn close to it.  That means figuring out what I’m doing wrong.  The only way to do that is to be hyper vigilant about what I eat.


Part of me says I may not be eating enough.  I do not indulge that much on the weekend that I shouldn’t be where I want to be.  Yes, I indulge but not to the point of truly gaining 3 to 5 lbs (which is what I am up most Monday mornings).  By Tuesday I’m back down so I know part of it is water.  I don’t drink water at home the way I do at work.  I don’t know why; it’s just one of those things.  But I’m not losing.  At all. 


I’ve decided I’m going to eat well-planned meals between now & the cruise but when I get back I’m going to go into a period of re-feeding my body.  I will eat at maintenance level; keeping it clean, for about a month.  Then on 1 May I am going to begin a significant fat loss program with the idea that I will look like I want to look by 1 August.  That’s three months to get it together. 


In order to accomplish this goal I am going to post everything I eat here.  I mean EVERYTHING I eat.  If I put a Hershey Kiss in my mouth I will log it in.  If I put a bag of Herr’s hot chips (my favorites) in my mouth, I will log it.  I’ll be using a nutrition log of some sort to log stuff.  I’m waffling between the big 3 sites; Fit Day, Spark People, the Daily Plate.  I like them all but they all have limitations…Fit Day doesn’t have oatmeal on it.  Seriously.  Oatmeal.  Old Fashioned Quaker Oats are not listed.  WTH?  But they also all have strong points.  I don’t know. 


I want to do a competition at some point.  I cannot do that if I cannot figure out this whole nutrition piece. 


As for my workouts—I’m going to stick to doing good, old-fashioned heavy weights & mixing up my cardio for now. 


Today I went back to January.


Underhand barbell rows—65 lbs—a PB.

Pull-downs 80 lbs

Lat sweeps 30 lbs

Military press 15 lbs

Lateral raise 10 lbs


Having taken last week off I gave my shoulder a good rest.  It felt good today.  I didn’t want to go too heavy on the lateral raises & am glad I did.  The last set felt a little iffy.  I followed up with a full 30 minutes on the cross-trainer on level 3. 


Tomorrow is leg day.  WOOT! I love leg day!



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Anonymous said...

Have you thought about consulting with a sports nutritionist? I am thinking that might be your best bet. Berardi includes a section in PN about customizing when you hit road blocks, so I think it's common to plateau on an eating plan after a while. Anyway, that was my thought. I would see someone, if you can get a good recommendation.

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