Thursday, March 11, 2010

On the range

Food wise today has been a yummy day.  I had a reward treat.  I had a Twix bar; 230 calories.  One of my old patients came to see me to ask questions about his benefits as he gets out of the Air Force.  He’s a 24 year-old kid that I’ve been working with to get through the disability process for several months.  Now I am his office manager.  His supervisor told him to come see me to ask questions & to bribe me with candy to get it done.  He brought me a Twix bar.  I haven’t had a candy bar in ages so I ate it. It was yummy.  I savored it.  I bit it & let it melt in my mouth.  It took me 30 minutes to eat it! 


I haven’t been back to the gym because  I’m still not sleeping & quite frankly I am exhausted.  It’s a little weird because usually when I don’t sleep it’s because I have something on my mind.  Lately the only stuff on my mind is miniscule crap.  For example, I need to remember to tell Joe to run the vacuum & strip his bed before he heads out for spring break tomorrow.  Yes, that kept me awake last night.  WTF?!

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