Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hungry! 4 days

I have been drinking a shake on my way into the gym in the mornings.  I have been thinking about my meal plan for when I return.  I’m thinking about making a breakfast burrito kind of thing that I can eat while I’m driving in—it’s a 45 minute drive.  When I say burrito I mean eggs & veggies wrapped in a whole grain tortilla (less than 25 g carbs as prescribed by our lovely Wendy) or stuffed between 2 pieces of Ezekial bread toasted.  I need to do something because today I was starving like a refugee when I finished my workout.


I’m excited about planning my meals.  I’ve made a list of proteins that I can eat to mix & match throughout the coming months.  Yummy stuff like turkey meatballs, eggs, cottage cheese with fruit & oats (that’s an entire meal), fish of all kinds, chicken made 5 different ways to Sunday, steak, turkey taco salad (no corn tortillas for this girl), pot roast with broth not gravy.  How about that? When I put my mind to it, I found that I could eat yummy stuff & should still be within the plan. 


I’m going to follow the eating plan as written—including the starches that I was afraid to eat before.  I have begun wondering if not eating starches may have been a deterrent from fat loss. Wendy is probably applauding or shaking her head saying, “it’s about freaking time!”  I don’t blame her; she should smack me in the head next time she sees me.  I need to trust myself to trust her. 


Today’s workout was back & shoulders


Underhand bb rows: 65/70 (2 sets)—this is an increase & was tough!!! 

Lat pull downs: 80/70 (2 sets) – I need to change the machine I use.  We have 2; 1 has 10 lb increments but the other has 5 lb increments.  I found 80 too heavy but 70 was not enough.

Lat sweeps: 30/25/20 – I have a hard time with these; I want to roll my shoulders forward.  Fortunately there is a mirror by the equipment & I’m able to catch myself & straighten back up.

Military press: 10 lbs—keeping it light to protect my shoulder.

Lateral side raise: 10/8 lbs – see previous exercise note.


I followed up with 25 minutes of 1 – 1 HIIT on the treadmill.  I used a 2% incline & did 6 MPH/4MPH and finished off with 8-8 MPH Tabatas.  Finally did abs. 


Russian twists

Old fashioned crunches

V-Ups on the bench


I was BEAT when I was finished.  I took my time getting ready for work & still managed to get here at 7:40.  How about that?!


Tomorrow is leg day.  I love working my legs!

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Doin the Math said...

I wondered why you hadn't posted anything in 3 weeks or so. BAHAHAHA. No updates on my following dashboard when you go stealth. :)

Everything is looking good! I so couldn't do a one wire cable bridge. I had to cross a log that was 3 feet wide in Alaska, over a 50 foot ravine,and I had to crawl on my hands and knees to do it. J had to carry my .22 for me so that I could crawl. BAHAHAHAHA. You rock!

They are building a zip line in Port Angeles, for when you come visit. THAT I *might* be able to do.

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