Monday, March 22, 2010

Competition & 5 days out

I’m not going to do the LEP in July…


Yesterday afternoon Wendy posted on facebook that she is officially in lockdown mode.  I told her that she inspires me with her dedication.  She told me that I should do the OCB Natural Yankee Classic with her in July.  I nearly peed myself laughing at her.  I told John & told him to be very careful with his response.  He laughed but because he found it funny that I would think he would discourage me.  He told me to do it.  I told him that it would mean SERIOUS commitment to the point of obsession if I am going to stand a chance. 


Then I talked to Wendy a little more.  She suggested that I not make any decisions about competing before my cruise.  Unless something comes up while I’m away I am going to do it!!!  It’s going to mean losing 19 lbs in just under 4 months.  That’s 5 lbs a month; a little more than a lb a week.  I can do that if I buckle down & do it. 


I’m going to get in shape working with Wendy again for my workouts.  For my meal planning I’m going to follow the meal plan that she gave me last year.  When I get home from my cruise I will go into lockdown with Wendy. 


I kept my eating under control this weekend.  I didn’t gain anything for the first time in ages.  I will need to keep that up!  I’m at 149 & hope to drop a lb or two this week.  I’m packing workout clothes because I do want to get some exercise in while I’m on the boat.  My intention is going to be to eat clean as much as possible. However, I know there is a Johnny Rocket’s on the boat.  I want a malt!  lol





Wennndy said...

Just be careful not to add another 5 pounds to peel off, k? I'm just sayin' .... and remember, show prep includes wide mood swings, feelings of self-doubt, anxiety, and general suckitude. However, it is worth it on show day!

Deb said...

No--I've been looking at the food that we'll be able to eat while on the boat. Fortunately it looks like there will be plenty of health choices.

Mood swings? Really? Worse than I already have? Yeah, I know...I've been paying attention. lol

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