Wednesday, March 3, 2010

24 days

Marie asked about my new job.  It’s only been 2 weeks since I started & I’m bored already.  I was told when I interviewed that they were not looking for a Unit Secretary.  The position title is “Office Manager.”  I am the unit secretary.  “Get with Mrs. Laks to get on my calendar for later in the week;” “Hey Mrs. Laks, is LtCol L in his office?”  “Mrs. Laks, would you schedule a meeting with Col E?”  “Mrs. Laks, would you type this letter for us?” I am a well-titled secretary.  Eh.  I’m making decent money for what I do. 


I like the people I work with for the most part.  There’s a young woman in the office that doesn’t even speak unless I speak first.  She is military so I don’t know what her problem is.  It’s not like I’m in any way a threat to her position.  When I’ve needed stuff from her I don’t get a warm fuzzy feeling that she wants to be of assistance.  Whatever.  I’m above that & will continue to ask for assistance if I need it.


I now work in a military training facility.  We train mostly AF but a few members from other branches as well to prepare for what they might encounter in Afghanistan or Iraq.  We have the largest training armory & the largest military working dog training facility in the Air Force.  That’s pretty cool to be a part of.  My boss took me to see some of the facility yesterday.  It’s pretty cool.


Marie also asked if the person I was concerned about viewing my blog is Idiot Fat Boy; formerly known as T.  No, but interestingly enough he will still email or call me occasionally.  Just to say hi or to let me know he is thinking about me.  I know his number so I don’t answer my phone & I don’t return his emails.  It’s been more than a year since I have spoken to him & yet he still does that crazy sh*t.  He’s a freak.


No, it’s Joe that I think was reading my blog.  Hence the need to change all my passwords at home. 


Fitness Info:


FWIW, I weigh & measure everything I eat.  I didn’t last weekend for two meals & that’s the crazy-maker for me.  Deviation from measuring & the entire week’s hard work was shot.  I am NOT deviating this weekend.  No reward meal until the cruise now. I have lost ½ lb so far—dropping from 3 oz to 2.5 oz with my meats has made a difference. 


I did a modified version of workout 1 from last April.  Basically 2 giant sets of 4x10.  I skipped the burpees with jump squats & the 2 minutes of jump rope.  I was being lazy & didn’t feel like doing them.  Funny enough, I did feel like doing 10-1x1 intervals on the arc trainer after my resistance training. 


I did 3 sets of squats at 95 lbs & 1 set at 105.  I also increased my weight on my alternating lunges—25 lb dumbbells.  I will probably increase the weight on those next time out.  I want to increase my weight on my db chest presses next time out, too.  


I’ve ordered two of the ACSM CPT prep books.  I decided to go with ACSM because it’s what the AF requires of their trainers.  The exercise physiologists are even certified through them.  I will probably attend a certification workshop & get certified in August.  My CPR certification is current through December.  I’m going to have to find out if I can get it renewed through one of the instructors here. 


I don’t know if I will ever do anything with it but it’s something I’ve wanted to do forever so I’m going to get it done this year.  Or at least read the books.  Shrug.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, on the job, my only thought is, it will be whatever YOU make of it, you know? That's easy to say and tough to do, I know. But they did hire you as a manager, so maybe your boss is waiting for you to step up with some ideas or other activities or something?

Weird about Joe. I can't imagine what we talk about here that would be of any interest to a teenage boy. My kids think I am lame beyond measure.

Deb said...

See, unfortunately, this is where working for the military SUCKS. There is no stepping up with ideas. If it isn't in an instruction somewhere it doesn't get done. So I sit around & read instructions. But, like, I said, I'm getting paid a decent salary to do a whole lot of nothing. It will be what it will be.

Anonymous said...

Well, like you said, that frees up mental space to focus on other things, right? So you can work on this certification and really buckle down with planning and follow through on the fitness/diet front.

Also, it occurs to me that the pace might actually be NORMAL but you've been immersed in adrenaline-fueled insanity for so long that you don't know what normal is any longer. :)

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