Friday, March 5, 2010

22 days until Oasis

John & I have started looking at the excursions available through the cruise. We want to snorkel & do something called The Extreme on St. Maarten. Here's one for the EXTREME eco-adventure thrill seeker! Introducing the "Big-Brother" to the already fun and challenging Treetop Adventure Tour...

A 35 minute drive will take you to Loterie Farm where you'll board an open-air safari truck for the short ride up the mountain to the starting point of your activity. This is an advanced, 2-hour non-stop EXTREME traverse course where you must be conscious of your own safety measures as you work your way between one-wire cable-bridges, ladders, walkways, and heady zip lines of up to 930ft long and 120ft high that allow a bird's eye view of the magnificent forest around and below you. Peak fitness and a steely confidence are mandatory!

Note: You must be at least 18 years old and comfortable with heights. Wear sneakers. This tour is not suitable if you are pregnant, have back, knee, neck or shoulder problems or any other health issues. Maximum weight is 250 pounds. This tour is only offered for guests onboard the Oasis of the Seas.

We’ve chosen to ignore the warnings about backs & shoulders.

Erin might have the flu. She started feeling pretty crummy about two days ago. She had a sore throat. Last night when I got home she had a fever of 101.1 with the sore throat & body aches. I worry that she might have H1N1. She can’t take any time off until she’s been at her firm for 90 days; 23 days from now. I’m glad she has a desk job that doesn’t require her to get up & down often & even more glad that we have the weekend coming.

We’re going to see Alice in Wonderland in IMax tomorrow. Cannot wait!

Fitness stuff…

Here’s a crazy thing…Leanne is 5’8” & weighs 145. I’m 5’6” and weigh 148. When I look at her body I get a clear visual of how muscle weighs so much more than fat. We look about the same with clothes on BUT when her top rides up when she is working out I see where what I am doing is working so much better than whatever Leanne is doing. There is the “bone density” thing, too. She is smaller framed than I—her fingers are longer & thinner. It’s such an eye opener to be able to see her right next to me in the locker room. I think every woman that has body issues needs this kind of visual. I don’t think we really get it until we see it like this. I would love to take pictures of the two of us in bathing suits; it would be an incredible visual.

All of that to go back to the same old gripe…I’m doing well with my meals. I think my body is responding to the workouts because I feel much tighter but I’m not losing weight. The scale is not moving. It pisses me off. I know it shouldn’t because in reality I’m wearing a size 6 in Lucky’s & size 8 in dress slacks. I just have this stupid number that I am 3 f*cking lbs from stuck in my head. Ugh!

I did 20 lbs walking lunges today. That’s a personal best for me. I might go up to 25 next time.

My boss is a machine! He had to do his fitness test today. He ran 1 ½ miles in 9 minutes & 21 seconds.


Deb said...

Ah that's better!

Wennndy said...

I am not sure I would click the "like" button on ignoring the safety issues on an EXTREME adventure course. But you are a grownup and the boss of you! :) BE CAREFUL of that shoulder, girl!

Hope Erin feels better. :( And definitely alert us how Alice is cuz I want to go see it.

Kim said...

Stop being pissed off about scale weight already! Jeez! Sounds like you're doing pretty darned good to me "Miss Size 6 Lucky Jeans"!

ditto what Wendy said about safety, preservation of shoulder health and being the boss of you re: the Extreme advernture course.

stacey said...

I accidentally clicked on your private blog instead of this one and realized that we have not had new pics since May of last year!!!!!

Time for new ones!

I agree that size is more important than scale weight. I mean if you were told you had a choice of losing 10lbs and staying the size you are or gaining 10 and going down a size which would you want?

You are doing great. Remember to give yourself some credit now and then.

Your cruise sounds like so much fun. Well, I get sea sick in an elevator so probably not my thing, but a fun vacation sounds so great to me right now.

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