Monday, February 22, 2010

food & dresses

3 oz chicken
1 c cauliflower

3 oz shrimp
½ c edemama (is that too much protein?)

3 oz chicken
1 c green beans

3 oz pork loin (which isn't on Wendy's list but is on just about every other list I have so there)
1 c zucchini & summer squash

I drank a gallon of water/unsweetened green tea throughout the day.

Help me chose my dresses for my trip...

I can spend about $200. I'm looking at

in brown

dress two

dress three

in black

dress five

dress six

And I'm getting this for dress-up in falcon

it's casual but sassy!

I'm looking at these because they are made from material that I can throw in my gym bag & wear to work, too. Give me your thoughts..


Anonymous said...

Love dress 3! And also the last one. Do you ever look at They have a ton of casual dresses. I LOVE dresses! Unfortunately, they do not love me. I have a terrible time getting any that fit well.

Rose said...

They all look lovely and comfortable! I *love* the "in black" dress.

stacey said...

The back view on the "in black" dress (both links show the same dress) is awesome. I love it.

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