Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 1, 32 to go

It’s 32 days from today.  I have 32 days to stay on track.  That’s NOTHING!  I’ve got this. 


I said in my post yesterday that I want to weigh 145 when I leave for my trip.  That’s 6 lbs.  I know it can be done but I know that it will be tough. I’m mentally prepared but I’m a little worried about my physical condition.  I haven’t posted this before because I’ve thought it was nothing.  Unfortunately I’m starting to think it isn’t nothing.  My right shoulder has been achy & stiff for a while—I had surgery on my left.  On Saturday I lifted my cousin’s 4 year old & my shoulder screamed; I almost dropped her.  I am being really careful but cannot do dips, am having to keep it really light (10 lbs) when doing overhead presses.


I mixed up my workout this morning & did workout 3 instead of workout 1.  Three circuits of what I cannot remember to save my butt right now.  I remember MB push-ups & squat thrusts.  I did lying tricep extensions instead of dips.  After my circuits I did 20 minutes on the arc trainer.


Tomorrow my plan is to do 45 minutes HIIT.  I’m not sure whether I am going to do it on the bike or arc trainer yet. 


Here’s what I’ve eating today:


1-EAS AdvantEDGE protein shake pre-workout


1 c greek yogurt

.5 c berries

½ c dry oatmeal

2 splenda


1 lg Dunkin Donuts coffee with skim milk


I have also already had 32 oz of water & have my Brita filled up & ready to consume. 


I’ll update you on the rest of my nutrition this evening. 









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Rose said...

Ok, that is really scary about the shoulder. Can you make an appointment to get it checked out?

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