Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bah-bye Eric

How is it that I forgot to tell you all this FABULOUS news???? Erin dumped the Rock Star (aka Eric). She finally had enough of his manipulation.

Two & a half weeks ago she told him that she couldn't continue living the way they had been...she didn't trust him about anything; if he told her he was going to band practice she would later find out he was only in his basement alone. Why did he have to lie about that? She felt like she needed to find out if it was just her being a crazy person or if he was the problem.

The downside to this is that she has jumped right into a relationship with another guy. She has known him through a mutual friend for about a year. We haven't met him yet. However he already has some positives on his side...

He is a boiler maker apprentice making, as she put it, boat loads of money. He owns a car & several bikes (a Harley, a dirt bike, & a quad). He takes her out--she doesn't pay for anything.

He took her out last night & introduced her to his parents. After they were in the car, he told her that he has never brought a girl to meet his parents.

I worry that this is rebound guy but I also think that when she broke up with Eric last year she only went back with him because it was safe. The reason I say that is because I've been listening to them fight over the phone for the last year over stupid stuff. I think in her head it was over but she just had to give him the chance she promised him she would.

Time will tell. I'm so glad Eric is out of her life.

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Anonymous said...

Gawd, I hate the relationship stuff with kids. It is SO HARD to watch them go through these things and to stay as uninvolved as possible (ok, so I'm not good at that either but the alternative always seems to put them on the defensive side and that's much worse). I am SO GLAD for you that Erin is finally done with the guy. He sounds like such a loser.

And even if this guy is just a rebound for her, so what? Anything that keeps her distracted enough not to get lonely and sad over the EX has to be a great thing. She has a good head on her shoulders thanks to you being such an awesome mom and you know she will make good decisions for herself. :D

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