Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Today's workout

It was a good one. I am hitting my workouts extra hard now that I have a goal. I'm going to start recycling the old stuff come January because I'm going to need to save every penny I have...that means no Lean Eating Plan, no going back to Wendy, & no other trainer until my trip. Gotta save my $$$$.

My goal is to have a 6 pack by the time I go. I've never had one. It should be interesting to see if I can make it happen.

I really like the look of the new program from Cathy. That's the sad part about the crappy customer service she provides. Her programs ROCK. I really like them. But then I really like what Wendy provided...why did I change? Who knows. It doesn't matter because until after my trip I am on my own & unlike most of you I don't feel like I can do it on my own. I like having my hand held. Hence recycling. I'm going to take what I feel (I almost type "fear") were my toughest workouts & rotate them.

Next weekend I'm going to sit down & really work on an eating plan--I've been pretty much winging it--sort of. I know what I'm supposed to be eating so I just throw a bunch of stuff together on Sunday. I measure but not to the extent that I should if I want to lose a few more pounds. I've got to dial it in tight & be ready to hit it hard after the holidays.

Though I have to say that I'm really pleased with the way things are going so far. I'm managing to keep my weight in check. It went up a pound over the holiday but it came right back off. YAY!

Okay, have to go cook dinner & pack my cooler for tomorrow.

OH MAN! I just realized that this cruise is going to mean I probably am not going to be going to Philadelphia Mania. Hmmm, have to see what I can sell on ebay to be able to go. LOL


Kim said...

I'm all caught up! Great to read about your August goal! I'll echo Wendy and Sandi re: an exit plan. That's were I fell off the wagon after my show. But you don't have to worry about that now!

Wennndy said...

Glad to see you're so motivated. There's nothing like a specific goal to get you motivated!

In fact, there is a whole process for goals called SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-sensitive. You're on it! :)

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