Monday, November 30, 2009

too much...something

I'm not sure what it was but it was definitely too much. I have been feeling like garbage for a couple of days & haven't worked out at all since Friday. I'm finally feeling better tonight.

John & I are going to see Lionel Richie at Caesar's in Atlantic City on Friday. We're going with Donna--my brother's girl friend's sister whose son committed suicide last April. LOL That was fun just to say it; not the suicide but the rest of it. Donna is finally seeing someone that she can be seen in public with or should I say can be seen in public with her (because remember Mike is married). The new guy, Lou, is a cop & has been around for years. He's a really nice guy & Donna is HAPPY.

We just booked our anniversary present to each other...We're going on the Oasis of the Seas for 7 nights in March/April. We're going with Donna & Lou, then, too. What the hell. I'm going to have a 6-pack when we go.

I have been thinking about doing an OCB figure comp. There is one in Burlington in August. I don't have the competitive streak that Wendy has but I want to say I did it; don't even care if I win. I'm just not sure if I can do the diet thing. That mindset is definitely something I would need to overcome.

I went to the gyn today. She found a cervical polyp. She said it should turn out to be nothing & everything I've researched says the same. Still it's a little scary because I did have HPV & displasia a few years back. I can only wait for the biopsy to come back--in about 2 weeks. sigh.


Wennndy said...

blah on the polyp! BOOOO! I am sorry about that.

You will find that having a deadline that includes walking around in a little suit wearing high-heels will help you stick to your diet. Heheheheheh! Also, you will want to quit quite a few times before the show if you do one. That is normal and you just can't listen to yourself. Actually, that is the hardest part of the show prep -- not listening to yourself when you are all in your head complaining, blahblahblah, i'm hungry i'm tired i don't want to do this, i'm grouchy i don't wanna do cardio. You just have to shut that off and do it anyway.

If you decide to do one, I can't stress enough the importance of having an exit strategy post-show so you don't gain all the weight back. Because you can do it without even trying. I didn't gain all mine back, and I definitely needed to gain SOME, but the exit strategy is key.

Wow, I made that sound really fun, didn't I?

Deb said...

Knowing how hard you've worked is what scares me about it. I am really close to being in the last 12 weeks stage & having the cruise--where I will walk around in a tiny suit with heals (just not acrylic heals)--will get me very close to that. I'll be going in with all of your horror stories in mind & knowing that I will not be able to cheat!

I hadn't even thought about an exit strategy...I will have to talk in detail to people that know how to help me.

I don't know if I will really do it. Just really starting to think about it. August gives me PLENTY of time to prepare & decide.

Wennndy said...

Exit strategy = having a cheat once or twice a week and mostly staying on your diet, eating more variety in your fruits/veggies, and gradually reintroducing carbs. :)

Doin the Math said...

YES on the exit strategy. My contest prep was lead by someone very old-school (pre Savage), and she didn't provide any kind of exit plan. It was, "ta-dah! You're done!"

And that is how I packed on 26pounds and became the heaviest I have ever been in my life, prior to moving to PA and packing on another 10.

It doesn't have to be that way. That's the good news!

One last thought: if you are a ham at all, the bodybuilders have WAAAAAAAAAY more fun in competition than the figure girls. I so wanted to be one of them!

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