Thursday, December 3, 2009


That's how I felt this morning. I got up, went to the gym, got a text from Leanne saying she was stuck in traffic (the road was shut down for an accident investigation) & would be late. Okay. I arrived, did my warm-up. I was NOT feeling well. Strangely I felt fine until I got on the arc trainer. It was after my warm-up. Still I went to the weight rack. Picked up some 15s for Arnold Press (my RIGHT shoulder has been a little tweeky lately so I'm not doing heavy overhead moves). I did 1 set of 12. I started to do burpees. The first wave of SERIOUS nausea hit me. Still I pushed through the giant set of 4 x 12 of 3 exercises. I then attempted my second giant set beginning with deadlifts from the floor. It was all over. I broke out in such a sweat & thought I was going to pass out.

I decided to do do 15 minutes on the arc trainer just to say I did something. I didn't even put effort into it. I am sooo disappointed because I was looking forward to working out alone & I couldn't even do a full workout. Bummer.

Tomorrow I will do one of Wendy's giant set workouts from my old plan. I really enjoy them & plan to go back to some of those workouts until my trip.

Eating is on track today.

Erin got a job as a legal secretary for a bankruptcy & foreclosure law firm. The firm has over 200 employees & a lot of them appear to be her age. She is VERY excited about the opportunity. She had considered getting her AS in paralegal studies before going back to graphic design but ever since graduating & knowing that g.d. isn't going to pay off for a while she's been back into the idea of legal stuff. She even said that she's hoping one of the benefits will be tuition reimbursement if she should decide to get her paralegal degree. Peirce College in Philly has a BS & one of the only Bar Association recognized degrees on the East Coast.

My MUMster friends might remember that I almost went to law school a few years back so you know this excites me tremendously. I'm a little jealous.


Wennndy said...

Wow, that sucks. But you were right to listen to your body. Did you feel better as the day went on?

Deb said...

I saw your comment as I was editing the post to talk about Erin's job...

I did/do feel better after I got to the office. I had some oatmeal & yogurt & my stomach settled right down.

And for those of you that might wonder: NO I AM NOT PREGNANT. That's very well taken care of thankyouverymuch.

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