Thursday, December 3, 2009

Oh oh oh!

I forgot probably the most important thing of weekend when I'm home (because I'll be away this weekend for my anniversary) I am finally going to put away my size 10 jeans. I'm not giving them up just yet because I'm superstitious. I held onto my 12s for a year since the last time I wore them. I'll do the same with my 10s. If I don't wear them in a year, to Good Will they will go.



Doin the Math said...

That is VERY exciting! I have only hung onto one pair of "fat jeans", and I'm wearing them today for moving. I find them extremely comfortable for physical work and housecleaning. Flattering? No! LOL. J has already commented how they are way too baggy on my butt. But I'm working, I'm not trying to look hot! :)

Rose said...

Yippee!!!! I am thrilled for you!!

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