Thursday, July 2, 2009

Unassisted pull-ups. Whatever!

I tried. I really did. I had to break out the Iron Woody. I used the middle-weight band. I could do 2 1/2 with that. Next week I'll go down to the light-weight band.

I did 40 minutes of step & elliptical. I just did basic steps on the step & got bored really quickly so I climbed on the elliptical. I'm sweating like a little piggy. Yay!

My legs are still sore from the leg workout I did 2 days ago. Ouchie. I likey.

And I just remembered that I was going to do abs after cardio & didn't. Oh well, I'm only doing abs 3 nights a week so I've got more nights to get it in.

I'm going to book a room at the Fairfield Inn in Bangor tomorrow morning when I'm paying bills. Got a great government rate! I so wish you all could make it.

I have 27 days to get rid of my love handles. Or give it my best shot. No messing around this month.

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