Wednesday, June 3, 2009


can't my assistant make decisions for herself??? She's good at what she does but is completely incapable of doing anything by herself when I'm not there.

She pisses me off!

My commander is trying to get more help for my office. He's asked for statistics. They are all over the place. She can't figure out how to calculate them. So instead of just telling him she isn't sure what he's looking for and that I (who should be supplying the information to him anyway) will be back on Friday she calls me to make sure it's okay to tell him that.

WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH HER??? She is an educated woman. She doesn't do anything in the office without making sure "it's okay" to do it.

I have told her over & over & over--

Make a decision based on sound judgment & worry about the consequences later. BUT MAKE A FUCKING DECISION.

I'm not in management. I don't get paid large sums of money to be on call. DON'T FUCKING CALL ME AT HOME.

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