Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Take 432

Because that is what it feels like.

I worked out last night. Weights and tae bo and a little swim. It was good.

I have to figure out what has changed in my life that I feel completely disorganized of late. I'm not getting the things done that I need to and it is making me nuts.

Three day weekend coming up!!! That will help.

I have to talk to my boss about my hours today.


Wennndy said...

You are just coming back after having the swine flu, for gosh sakes! You are doing great. :) Cut yourself a little break, sweetie.

I'm gonna change your training too so that it's challenging and yet not so metabolically draining.

Rose said...

What Wendy said.

Glad your life is getting back to normal but definitely cut yourself a little slack!

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