Saturday, July 19, 2008

Packing & stuff

I've spent the better part of this evening getting my stuff together for San Antonio. I'm all but packed. I just need to pack the suspension trainer & 1 skort that I'm taking.

I'll be without internet service there so I'm not taking the computer. This may be my last post until I get home on Thursday.

I did 15 minutes in the pool with my Super Swim Pro. Marie, you will find it humorous that I get pulled back toward the side of the pool like the guy that looked like he was drowning in the video you posted (I think it was you) several weeks ago.

Let me clarify--I did swim for about 2 minutes but was afraid of over doing it with my shoulder so for the remaining 13 minutes I just kicked my legs. My heartrate was up but not tremendously.

I couldn't bring myself to get out & run this morning. John & I slept until 7:30 & it was already 75 by then. After we got coffee & were ready to run it was 85. So...the swim was it for today.

I spent most of the day laying in or by the pool. I'm completely wiped out. I have zero energy now.

I hope to run & get back on program tomorrow.

My diet sucked yesterday & today...

Last night after work Leanne called to asked for help. She was broken down on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. We drove out to help her & wait for the tow truck. Then we went out for dinner. I ate freakin' nachos & salsa. I had a fajita smothered in cheese, sour cream, & guacamole. Today I had a bag of Herr's Red Hot Chips & roast beef hoagie.

I gotta stop this. I know I do. See, Wendy, no self-control. Sigh.

ETA: Push-up challenge stats

Day 3
rest 120 seconds between each level
set 1

10 15
set 2

8 13
set 3

8 10
set 4

5 10
set 5 max reps

20 21


Anonymous said...

I'm LOL at the thought of you with that swim pro thing. You'll have to let me know if it's worth it... unless you drown, of course, in which case I'll be sure to let John know that thanks, but no thanks.


I think it's easy to get into bad eating habits when you've been off working out for a while, plus you really did go through the emotional ringer in the last year, PLUS it's so freaking ridiculously hot, and who wants to be good under those circumstances? But I think the fact that you admit what you're eating here is a good first step into getting back on track.

I should note I'm eating ice cream out of the carton as I type this.


Wennndy said...

About the control thing: You have to decide what you want more, it's as simple and complicated as that. If you want the fajitas and chips more than losing weight, then so be it! It's OK. :D

btw, as you know, the fajitas themselves without the cheese and sour cream are a very good choice! And tasty all on their own.

Wennndy said...

ps have a safe trip Deb! muah!

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