Sunday, July 27, 2008

Body Glide

John's knees are bothering him. I made him go to Fleet Feet yesterday. He got some very cool running shoes. I'm jealous. I like the way mine fit but think they are UGLY. He's wearing Mizuno Wave Runner 10s. Hopefully his knees won't ache anymore.

I picked up some body glide. I tried it out yesterday. I don't know. I think it's the deodorant. After my swim yesterday I tried Erin's Dove. My armpit felt so much better. We'll see how it goes today when I run.

I have to go make sure the apartment is cleaned out. Jen moved out yesterday. I'll return the key. We're done.

I go to the orthopedist for my 2 month follow-up tomorrow. I think I've made great progress. I know I've attempted to do things I shouldn't and am back to being good. I swear. I know I'm rushing it. I want to swim. I want to do push-ups. I want to do pull-ups. I need to wait a little longer. It will come back. IF I allow myself time to heal.

Tonight I'm going to do a flat 5k & my physical therapy.

Tomorrow I go back to the office. Sigh.

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redcat said...

I'm in Mizunos again, myself - Wave Riders, in fact. I wore precisions before, then they changed them, and I strayed into Nike territory; putting on the Mizunos was like coming home.

But, of course, it's all a very individual thing!

Sorry to hear about your trouble with Cathe's site. I don't know how much she has to do with day to day ops there; in fact I would suspect it was someone else who banned you. Anyway, you're not missing much; I can't take her forums, waaaaaay to ass-kissy. I stray over there once in a blue moon, and usually back out pretty quickly.

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