Monday, July 28, 2008

Cleared, for real.

I just can't get back into a good pace. I haven't been able to do 3 miles without stopping.

I went to see Dr. Ross today. She was happy with my range of motion & didn't even check my strength. She asked how I am feeling. I feel great. There are some movements that remind me that I'm still recovering but mostly no pain. I've got some tightness but that's it. She had me do one thing to show my range of motion that I couldn't do. But um, I don't know that I would ever do that kind of movement.

Here--bend your arm at your elbow. Put your arm right against your side, elbow at your waist or wherever it falls naturally, with your palm to the floor. Now rotate (maybe a swing kind of motion) your hand to the side. How far can you go? I can only go about 45 degrees with the arm that I had operated on. I can almost go straight to the side with the arm that hasn't had surgery.

OH I know--the motion would be the same as lying rotator cuff exercises that Cathe does in Slow & Heavy. Only anchor your elbow at your side.

Anyway, she's cleared me to resume my previous exercise activities. WOOHOO So long as I listen to my body.

That said, I read Rose's blog (& commented). She's having difficulty with running. Yeah, me too. I do think it has something to do with the weight gain. I'm dragging 20 lbs more than I was 6 months ago. I am really trying to do better.

My fitday journal.

I do see that dinner was high in fat & I'm drinking whole milk because John bought a gallon by accident. I refuse to throw away food. As soon as its gone it will be back to 1%.

But at least my caloric intake is more in control & I'm working out. Go me.

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