Monday, June 9, 2008

Tomorrow & stuff

Serge (John's father) was transported to Seashore Point today. He became violent on Friday & was admitted for evaluation. He spent 3 nights in the hospital thus allowing Christine to become his legal guardian. Apparently MA law is such that a person needs to be admitted for psychiatric evaluation & spend 3 nights in order for the state to step in to appoint a guardian.

Christine is in serious denial. Serge has been degenerating very rapidly over the last few months. She believes he will be able to move to an assisted living apartment at the same facility by August. Yeah, whatev.

The doctors say that he has been denerating so rapidly because of his anger. The Alzheimer's/dementia brain degenerates rapidly when the patient becomes angry on a regular basis.

Oh goody. I give it 2 weeks before we hear that the facility won't keep him because of his temper.

On a different note, I start physical therapy tomorrow. I can't wait.

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