Tuesday, June 10, 2008

No air!!!

Last night as John & I lay in bed trying to go to sleep we smelled something strange. No; neither one of us farted. We got up to try to find the source of the odor. It was a plastic-ozone kind of smell. Immediately, I told this former electrician that it smelled electrical to me. No, no, no; it smells like plastic.

As we searched the house, we were drawn to the laundry room where our heating/cooling system is housed. The odor was really strong down there.

We felt walls. Checked the HVAC. Went outside to see if it was coming from out there. Nothing.

During this time the AC never cycled off. On a whim, I came back upstairs and checked the air coming from the ducts. All of the ducts downstairs are in the ceiling; to high for me to reach, & kept closed because it stays really cool down there.

There was no air coming from the vents. At all.

SHIT SHIT SHIT The fan on the AC must be burnt out.

It's going to be 105 degrees here today & we have not air.

Okay, at least we have the pool but I have PT this morning & won't be able to call our guy until sometime late this morning.

And yeah, at least we have a guy.

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Anonymous said...

Gosh, that sucks, but since you have central air, I hate you anyway.


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