Sunday, April 20, 2008

Vicious circle

My weight isn't budging despite the hours I'm spending running.  I'm not eating right & I know it.  I get on the scale & get pissed.  Instead of tightening up on my eating, I eat more shit.  It really pisses me off because I know why I look like I do; why my clothes fit the way they do, yet I am doing nothing to change it.

This happens every week.  Tomorrow I'm changing all of that.  I have 1 month until my surgery.  I'm going to lose 8 lbs before that day.  NO IF'S, AND'S, OR BUTT'S ABOUT IT.  I'm going to go back on the LA plan & stick to it until my surgery.  After that I'll stick to the plan 6 days a week & see how I do.  

My runs have been great but I know I need resistance training.  I know that is the key to weight loss for me.  I haven't done more than 4 miles on the road yet but I'm not going to kill myself.  Tomorrow I'll have to run on the treadmill.  My last "race" is 2 weeks before my surgery.  I will begin to work with weights again after my last race--legs, still no upper body.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad your runs are going well, Deb. And I can see why your eating would be a mess with everything that's gone on in the last few months, so try to be gentle with yourself. ((hugs))

Wennndy said...

What Marie said!

And weight training isn't the key to your losing weight right now. It's all about the diet. But again, be gentle about it. The minute you start in with the "can'ts" in terms of what you can/can't eat, the more you start wanting all that bad stuff! It's human nature.


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